Ambiguities of clearance without permission of several goods

According to reports EconomyOnline According to Tasnim, after the issue of clearance of unloaded forklifts and order registration by one of the central customs of the country became public, the Iranian customs remained silent in this regard and did not provide any explanations to enlighten the public opinion.

What happened to the clearance of unlicensed forklifts?

The matter was that despite the fact that Shahid Rajaei Customs had prevented the transit of several forklifts to the said customs due to the lack of order registration, but with the written request and letter of one of the customs managers, these forklifts continue their way to the relevant customs destination. They are cleared through customs or given to the company.
With the media coverage of Bandar Abbas Customs, it will prevent the transit of other cargo, but the Iranian Customs did not provide any explanation regarding the transit of prohibited forklifts.

The story of the clearance of thousands of tons of unlicensed corn, a big wound that has not yet healed!

It was some time after the revelation of this issue that with the announcement of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, it became clear that large quantities of livestock inputs were cleared through Payam customs without having a supply license in the market and despite the media follow-up, Iranian customs did not give any convincing answer. O did not provide and it was not even specified whether the report of the crime of smuggling has been prepared by the Iranian customs and announced to the judicial authorities or again the Iranian customs intends to forget the issue of clearance of livestock inputs without the permission of Jihad Keshavarzi. It’s time.

Clearance of wallpaper and warning circular of the Customs Headquarters

The follow-up of the customs clearance ambiguities went so far that Arvanghi, the technical and customs affairs deputy of Iran’s customs, warned the customs in two circulars regarding the clearance of wallpaper, lenses and spectacle lenses without permission to register the silent order and required the customs to check the previously cleared goods. .

Arvanghi’s circular showed that large quantities of commercial goods were cleared from the country’s customs, including the customs of Imam Khomeini Airport, etc., without registering an order. Last year, the technical deputy of Iran’s customs, along with a number of officials of related organizations, was taken to Imam Khomeini Airport customs, and finally, with the intervention of Iran’s customs and approval from the Article 1 Commission of the Ministry of Silence, this issue was resolved.

New clues from clearance with pete

Recent studies, however, show that Payam Customs, in a surprising move in recent days, cleared the consignment of contact lenses and spectacle lenses using pete and without registering an order, and cleared goods worth billions without obtaining the necessary licenses.

Also, according to the information received, large quantities of laptops have been cleared without a bank tracking code as a percentage.

Although Tasnim’s follow-up on the four issues mentioned has not yet reached a final conclusion, Arvanghi, Iran’s Deputy Minister of Customs Affairs, confirmed the above, stating that the issue is being investigated by the Iranian Customs.

It remains to be seen whether Iran’s customs will be transparent in this regard and deal with violators in this regard, or whether by buying time, it intends to dilute the issue over time and forget about it again.