Amend the presidential election law on the agenda of the deputies

The public session of the legislature began today (Sunday, December 21) minutes ago, chaired by Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and attended by a majority of deputies.

Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani, a member of the presidium of the parliament, read the agenda of today’s public session of the parliament as follows:

Continuation of consideration of the report of the second council of the Internal Affairs Commission and the councils on the plan to amend articles of the Presidential Election Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Reviewing the report of industries and mines on the plan of sustainable development and production of steel chain with the approach of reforming market regulation policies

Examining the report of the Internal Affairs Commission of the country and the councils on the plan to amend articles of the law on the organization of duties and elections of the Islamic councils of the country

Review of the report of the Judicial and Legal Commission on the bill of an urgent addition of a note to Article (14) of the Check Issuance Law approved in 1976 and its subsequent amendments

Report of the Industries and Mines Commission on the approval of the request for research and investigation of the performance of automobile companies regarding the quality and price of automobiles

Review of the report of the Commission of Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources and Environment on the quality of supply and distribution of livestock inputs

Election of three representatives on the proposal of economic commissions, councils and internal affairs of the country and the judiciary and law as observers in the Supreme Council for Combating and Preventing Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism / 15)

Election of supervisory representatives in the Council of Mines of the provinces (in 8 provinces) (in implementation of part (1) of paragraph “a” of Article (43) of the Sixth Development Plan Law approved on 12/21/2016)