An interesting wish of Parvaneh Masoumi for the year 1400

According to reports Economy News According to ISNA, Parvaneh Masoumi, a veteran film and television actor, said about the year that is coming to an end and its difficulties: “I hope we will never have the same year as last year.” I wish all my friends that the year 99 goes away and never returns. The year 1400 is with health, which is the most important; Of course, health accompanied by culture. People should know what to do and did not walk this way and that without any direction. I see how people come to the village. This is not the end; According to our Minister of Health, they do nothing but move viruses.

He added: “I hope we do not have it like this year anymore.” I hope that the artists who are really valuable, as well as all the people who do not know their value anywhere and in any way, will appreciate themselves and preserve themselves.

In the end, Parvaneh Masoumi wished: I hope the new year will not be like last year. Culture and art shake themselves. Little to know not only the elderly but also young people who are really valuable and do not confuse themselves with anything; I’m sorry that you have to say appreciate the valuable and do not just look at appearances.