Anahita Dargahi and Ashkan Khatibi’s love affair + photo

“Ashkan Khatibi and his wife” Anahita Dargahi talked about garlic and onion in their joint and artistic life and expressed their concerns.

Anahita Dargahi and Ashkan Khatibi's love affair + photo

Ashkan Khatibi He was born on October 10, 1979 in Shemiran, Tehran province. Ashkan Khatibi is an Iranian actor, singer, performer and director. Ashkan Khatibi has continued his education up to the bachelor’s degree in theater from the Faculty of Art and Architecture of Azad University. In 1979, Ashkan Khatibi and Babak Saeedi had a band called Apollo, which played Iranian rock, but left the band. Ashkan Khatibi plays piano, guitar and sometimes his mouth. In addition to music and acting, he sometimes translates English plays into Persian and is also the director of the Traffic Music Group.

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Ashkan Khatibi And Anahita Dargahi, an artist couple from our country, have been living together for about a year and continue their artistic activities together. The artist couple became our guests after living together for a year and shared their personal and professional life concerns.

Ashkan Khatibi is a multidimensional artist and in these three decades of his professional activity in art, he has tried different experiences. Hosting, acting, directing, cinema management, production and singing are among these activities. Perhaps the main reason for such experiences by Khatibi is his empiricist and inquisitive spirit. Khatibi’s work period can be divided into several periods:

In the first period of his career, Khatibi played both in theater, cinema and television, and was not much in the eyes and headlines, and he did his job calmly and continuously. In the second period of his career, which coincided with the return of Mohammad Rahmanian from Canada, Khatibi became one of the pillars of the success of Rahmanian’s plays; In these shows, which became more commercial in nature, Ashkan Khatibi, as the production manager, tried to provide suitable conditions for the performance. Khatibi later entered a new phase of his professional activities by accepting the management of Charso Campus. Ashkan has appeared in various works such as “Rule of Accident”, “Relatively Bad Kids”, “CinemaMekt”, “Local Songs” and “God of Killing”.

Anahita Dargahi Ashkan’s wife is an actor, painter and producer with a master’s degree in painting from Tehran University of Arts. This talented and young theater artist has had a successful period in his work in recent years, starring in the crime film “When was the last time you saw magic?” Directed by Farzad Motman and the plays “Waiting for Adolf” directed by Alireza Koushak Jalali and “Three Sisters” directed by Mohammad Hassan Majouni, he has shown his acting skills. He has held several solo painting exhibitions so far.

A different and interesting conversation with Ashkan Khatibi and Anahita Dargahi

From white marriage to the birth of a child with the year of delivery!

Ashkan Khatibi and his wife were the guests of our conversation in the days when they were not very smart due to the external conditions of the society, but gradually, as the conversation became hot, the situation changed and the conversation with Ashkan Khatibi was calm and introverted and Anahita was an extroverted, energetic and emotional portal. , Became attractive and warm. The main feature of both of them in this conversation was honesty and truth instead of useless compliments!

Let’s start the conversation by uniting after marriage. Ms. Dargahi! Do you think married life is better or single life? Which do you like best?

– Portal: Each has its own characteristics, but married life has its own responsibilities; Of course, asking this question is a bit late because a year has passed since my marriage with Ashkan!

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Tell us about its sweetness. Is married life sweeter or single life?

– Dargahi: I have a very intellectual husband and an arithmetic person, so I no longer think about my single age, and I have been well since I married Ashkan. I have a lot of conversations with him and I talk to Ashkan about everything that is offered to me and we have a lot in common. Ashkan has hearing ears to hear my words.

Ashkan Khatibi and his wife

Ashkan Khatibi and his wife Anahita Dargahi

… So having a common word between husband and wife should be considered one of the reasons for the durability of life together.

Dargahi: I also accept this, and if I am born again, I will follow the same procedure in discussing the right choice of a spouse.

Mr. Khatibi! Join in the discussion and talk about the benefits of being single and married.

Khatibi: I am not a celibate at all; Single life may have many temporary moments of joy more than a routine married life, but what is defined as lasting happiness in married life. Humans are imperfect beings before marriage, and it is marriage that causes them to evolve.

Is this a manifesto? That is, can it be said that all people get married?

Khatibi: I mean more about the partner. As a person who wants to achieve happiness, I believe that it can not be achieved individually, and it is the need of a person to have a partner who can both develop and relax with him.

… From this perspective can be White marriage That justified these days in society and among some artists?

Khatibi: I do not know at all what model works and what does not work in Iran, and it is better not to enter into major sociological issues.

Dargahi: I am a strong feminist and I prefer not to talk about this issue.

… Do you think that white marriage has anti-female characteristics?

Portal: When two people are interested in each other, this issue should continue in the long run and not just in the short term. White marriage has several meanings and is widely misinterpreted and abused. The existence of women in the universe is sacred, and men should be grateful for everything a woman does for them in their lives.

Do white people misinterpret white marriage?

Dargahi: I do not like to get too involved in this issue because the volume of misinterpretations may increase.

Khatibi: First, tell me the interpretations of white marriage so that I can express my opinion.

That a man and a woman live together for a while without a formal marriage and see if they can reach an understanding and continue to marry or not.

Khatibi: I do not think this practice is accepted by social custom in Iran. Of course, I agree that there is white marriage in Iran, but the problem is that regardless of the dominance of a kind of apparent modernity in the life of Iranians, the Iranian custom still does not accept this kind of life.

Dargahi: I think socializing before marriage is a good thing, and fortunately it has taken hold in recent years and makes people know more.

Khatibi: True, but I think the whole issue of white marriage is very dirty; Maybe because of the same abuses and misinterpretations.

It is our characteristic as Iranians that we bring every social phenomenon to its filth and deadlock from excessive misuse.

Khatibi: Of course, it is not only our property as Iranians, it is a function of the age in which we live. Nowadays, so many different interpretations of young people’s relationships with sexual issues have been mixed up that many concepts have strayed from its true definition. Therefore, I prefer to adhere to the traditions and customs of the society.

– Door: Woman is not a playground. The presence of women in the universe is sacred and we should remind society of this concept as much as possible.

Ms. Dargahi! Talk about the kind of feminism you believe in.

– Portal: My definition is my own. I respect a woman who can work in society and can live in a way that no one needs; I believe. That is the positive point.

Did you maintain your financial independence after marriage? How do you support yourself? Fifty-fifty or in accordance with custom?

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– Portal: Yes! I think these are private issues and we should not set a binding model for society by talking about them. The demands of women must be respected and it must be the couples themselves who decide about their lives.

Ashkan Khatibi and his wife

Ashkan Khatibi and his wife Anahita Dargahi

Khatibi: By individual independence in cohabitation, I mean that each party has its own source of income and is the one to decide on the management of life.

After all, according to the same custom, women do not like the financial independence of many men?

Khatibi: Because they do not want their spouse to be financially independent of them, and this in itself can be rooted in psychological-sociological issues.

Ms. Dargahi! How much are you influenced by your spouse’s thoughts?

– Dargahi: Before I met Ashkan, I used to do my art activities. Ashkan is an artist who works in various fields. Acting is not his only talent, and Ashkan’s good character is that he does not talk behind anyone’s back and does not follow Shoaaf, and his head is in his work and he makes his life, and that is why he is influential in my life.

Mr. Khatibi! Have you worked in various fields of art over the years, is the reason for this approach your diversity spirit or your sense of perfectionism?

– Khatibi:Perfectionism It does not contradict altruism. Areas I have worked in over the years are interrelated. Even the managerial job I had at Charso Campus is closely related to cinema and art. Addressing some of these areas may have distracted me a little, but my diversity is on a firm footing.

After you took over the management of Charso Campus, you became a suit and looked short-haired, whereas in the past your appearance was much different.

Khatibi: I was the youngest film director and in a period of two years, I made an unknown cinema campus in a not so desirable place one of the three prominent campuses in Tehran and I was the only director who went to work in informal clothes on some days.

… But your appearance was always neat and formal.

Khatibi: I haven’t thought much about addressing this issue, and it seems to me that it was an accident and due to the unconsciousness that we all have.

Ms. Dargahi! Many were waiting to see you with the screening of “When was the last time you saw Sahro?” They see it in the cinema, but you seem to be an unlucky actor because your film has not been released two years after its production.

– Dargahi: One of the reasons I do not like cinema very much is that movies are not screened or are screened late. Anyway, when the actor does something, he wants to measure the audience’s feedback, and these late screenings take the feeling away from the actor.

… Especially if the film was released, we would see more of you in the cinema.

– Portal: It is important in discussing the screen of the producer and his type of performance. When the film is released, it is exposed to different opinions and everyone wants to see the result of their efforts. A few months ago, I played “The Story of Siavash” and this year I had four offers to play in the cinema that I did not accept. Of course, I do not care much about playing in the cinema and I like to play my favorite role.

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Ashkan Khatibi and his wife

Actor and TV presenter Ashkan Khatibi

What are the characteristics of your favorite role?

– Dargahi: A role that has different characteristics that depend on the mood or conditions of my spirit at that time, for example, I am fine now with the theater performance.

Did you play Ashkan Khatibi in “Waiting for Adolf” who played the role of “Vincent”, an angry man? Does Ashkan get angry in normal life?

– Dargahi: Ashkan is not angry at all and his voice has never been raised. Vincent is basically a savage man.

Is Ashkan Khatibi a person of surprise?

Dargahi: Yes, that is the main thing.

What does it do?

– Dargahi: Ashkan’s first surprise was the way he proposed. His last surprise was related to the play “Ten Years Alone”, which he had been writing for a long time and wrote a brilliant role for me!

Would you like to play in the cinema like in the theater?

Khatibi: We had some offers that we did not accept.

Why did you not accept?

Khatibi: We are not ready to play in the cinema yet, and my relationship with the cinema is not good these days. Now I hate the atmosphere of Iranian cinema.

Ms. Dargahi! What was the best gift that Ashkan gave you?

– Dargahi: Ashkan has given me many good gifts. His best gift was the play he wrote for me.

How do you spend your free time?

Khatibi: We watch movies, travel and exercise.

Dargahi: In addition to these entertainments, I paint.

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