Anesthesiologist comes to life after suffering from coronary heart disease in Gilan + video

No one still knew how deadly the Covid-19 was and that its transmission braked downhill.

From the very first days, the medical staff did everything they could to save the patients from this serial killer. Corona is looking for a life all over the world with the same body size and is crossing the border without a visa or permission. The nurses danced and danced for the first few days to keep the patients in good spirits, but time passed and the coronation in the cities exhausted them. They stayed in hospitals for so long that they could no longer dance … they missed their wives and children, their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers … they wrote their love letters on their white shirts. Their veins had dried from the moans of the sick … The fountain of their tears had dried from the death of the people before their eyes. Their souls were defeated in the green and white rooms of the hospital, but they did not bow down to this savage and murderous virus … Corona did not have mercy on them and took them by surprise. Some of the nurses survived the serial killer and others surrendered to die to hurt everyone.

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Asghar Nikrah, an anesthesiologist in Gilan who struggled with Corona for two months. He is a wartime survivor who has been an anesthesia technician in war zones. Nikrah knew he was going to die, but he died trying to get back to the hospital and be one of the saviors trying to save Corona patients. “Before March, we were in contact with coronary patients and we thought it was a cold, not a serious illness,” he told Rokna.

He twice took a corona from his colleague who came from Rasht. His colleague also worked at another hospital where many nurses had coronary heart disease or had died. The first time he fought with Corona for three weeks, but on the third and fourth of Esfand, he won the Corona for the second time and he did not have any tension to fight and was hospitalized. He was in the ward for 5 days and when he became ill, his colleagues took him to the ICU, where he was completely in a coma for 10 days. He stayed in the ICU for 5 days to regain consciousness.

I was among the dead

When I ask, “How much consciousness did you have in 10 days? With a strange and funny laugh, he says: I was considered dead. That is, everyone who saw me had no hope for my life. His highest level of consciousness was 5. Consciousness below 7 is considered dead. All the members of the family, the family and the cooperation and the province of Gilan knew that they had left me to die. I said goodbye to everyone before I went to the hospital. When I went into a coma, I did not notice more than 99% of anything. I was completely unconscious. I slept for a moment and woke up. I did not dream or anything. Gilan and Mazandaran provinces realized that they had left me to die. But when I woke up, everyone was happy and everyone from Gilan, Mazandaran, Tehran and even foreign countries called me.

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The first thing he saw after his wife regained consciousness was the technician and his colleagues at the ICU. Dr. Ershad himself had a mild coronary at that time, but he came to the ICU every day to ask about his well-being. After regaining consciousness, he was not allowed to go to the ICU because they said that Nikrah was their special patient and an unknown disease. They were afraid that if he went inside, he would get an infection again. Nikrah remained in the ICU until discharge.

I did not survive

“I was familiar with this disease,” says Nikrah. I saw my CT scan and decided to go to the hospital. But I told everyone, “I’re not going to live anymore. Because this time breathing is too much for me.” At that time, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education had not yet officially announced that Corona was killing people so severely. Everyone thought the common cold was simple. But when I saw the pictures of my lungs, I realized that I could not joke with this disease. That’s why I said goodbye to all my friends, Shafa hospital staff, family, etc., because I did not survive. When I returned to work, I went back to the critically ill coronary patients to save them. Because I was so old and everyone saw that I went through all the stories and saved many, my colleagues helped me and still help me and do not allow me to get too involved in the corona.

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I would like to receive a doctorate in immunology again

He sees the main problem with importing money-laundering vaccines at a time when Corona is scaring everyone. But the last word to the people is: “Take the corona seriously because this disease is not a joke. Observe the quarantines. Follow the instructions explicitly, even if it is to their detriment. Only the people of the downstream should take the hand of the Iranian people.” “We have never seen an Iranian not take the hand of his compatriot. So let’s hold each other’s hand to get through this difficult period.”

Nikrah was admitted to the doctoral entrance exam in immunology for 3 years in a row, but remained in the hospital and cared for critically ill patients. Now his dream is to continue his education.

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