Announcement of orange meteorological level warning in Khuzestan

Khuzestan Meteorological Organization announced an orange level warning about the arrival of a rain system in Khuzestan.

According to ILNA, the expert of Khuzestan Meteorological Organization said in the video report of the weather forecast of the province: from early Wednesday to Friday, cloud increase with thunderstorms and moderate winds or hurricanes are forecast.

Zohreh Pashnesaz added: the sky of the province will be clear to slightly cloudy for the next 24 hours and in most areas with fog or thin fog.

He said: It is expected that the highest amount of rainfall will be during Wednesday and Thursday in the northeast, east, southeast and center of the province.

He continued: During this period, the Persian Gulf is rough and in some hours with thunderstorms and lightning.

Sabzehzari added: “Rainfall in the heights is in the form of snow and the temperature is expected to drop during Friday to Sunday.”