Announcement of the date of vaccine distribution in Iran

According to Eqtesad News, the spokesman of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters said: “Currently, 205 cities are in orange and 243 cities are in yellow, and this shows the favorable situation, and we hope that these 205 orange cities will turn yellow and the yellows will turn white.” To be.

He added: “Among these, four cities need special attention and today the governors and presidents of medical universities were given the necessary recommendations in this regard. These four cities include Kordkoy in Golestan, Baft in Kerman and Amol and Gulogah in Mazandaran.” These four cities need very special attention because they can be on the verge of turning red.

The spokesman of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, referring to the recruitment test, said: “Due to the corona situation in the country, this test had been postponed twice before. One hundred thousand people will be recruited to government centers after the test, so for this reason.” Due to the relative calm that has been created, this test will be held in more than 2700 examination areas, in accordance with the rules and the minimum population, on time and in January.

Ra’isi further referred to the issue of reopening schools and added: the task of reopening schools will be determined in the next 4 weeks.

He continued: “There was also a proposal to reopen schools for the first and second grades of elementary school in the orange and yellow cities so that these students can attend classes in person. This debate has its pros and cons, and a decision will be made in this regard.”

A spokesman for the National Corona Headquarters said: “Holding any test for procedures requires a license. Also, the closure of e-learning is not part of our approvals and there has been no license from the National Corona Headquarters.”

Ra’isi continued by stating that the increase in the prevalence of the disease in Europe is due to the cold weather and the opening of nightclubs, he continued: The disease trend in Gilan is declining, so 6 cities are yellow and 5 cities are orange.

He pointed out that if the cycles and health procedures are not taken into account, we will undoubtedly see disease in the next one or two weeks, adding: “According to studies conducted in Iran, more than 50% of the disease is due to cycles and in the next degree of pregnancy.” And it has been a public quote, so masking alone is not enough, and spacing and hand washing should also be considered.

A spokesman for the National Corona Headquarters said that the vaccine would be approved and standardized for mass production by the end of spring. “The domestically produced vaccine will enter phase one, each phase will have to be tested according to its definition,” he said.

Raisi also said that we are consulting to get the approved and standard vaccine for sensitive groups to enter the country, adding: “No vaccine has had a 2% effectiveness throughout history, the vaccine will be mass-produced by the end of spring and during this period it will be followed.” We want to vaccinate vulnerable groups.

He further emphasized that the main goal of the implementation of Shahid Soleimani plan is to continue the process of reducing Crohn’s disease, adding: the traffic ban will continue from 2 to 4 in the morning in orange cities and overnight intercity traffic has decreased by 2%, also inter-provincial traffic. It has decreased by 26 to 3 percent.

A spokesman for the National Corona Headquarters said: “For the 29th and 30th of December, the discussion of banning intra-city traffic from 8 pm and closing all businesses except the occupational group was approved at 6 pm.”

In the end, he added: “After the night of Yalda, the traffic ban in orange cities will continue from 9 pm to 4 am. شد.