Announcing the calendar of literacy week programs

Announcing the calendar of literacy week programs

The proposed calendar and programs were announced on the occasion of the forty-first anniversary of the founding of the literacy movement.

According to ILNA, the calendar and proposed programs to commemorate Literacy Week were announced. In this calendar, which starts today, January, the days of the week are listed as follows:

-December 1: Literacy and Media Day

-December 3 Tuesday: Literacy Day and honoring literacy activists

– Third of December: Wednesday, literacy day, culture of reading and production

-Fourth of December on Thursday: Literacy Day and the culture of self-sacrifice, martyrdom and social responsibility

-Fifth of Friday, Friday: Literacy Day and promotion of prayer and waiting culture virtually

– Saturday, December 6: Literacy and officials day

Sunday, the 7th of December: the day of literacy and renewal of the covenant with the ideals of Imam Khomeini (as) and the Supreme Leader (as) Virtually