Announcing the waiting branches and working hours of Sina Bank during the Nowruz 1400 holidays

In order to provide the banking services required by compatriots during the Nowruz holidays, the selected branches of this bank and headquarters units (as needed) will be active on the third and fourth days of Farvardin 1400 from 9 to 12 o’clock.

According to this report, the names of the watch branches of Sina Bank in Nowruz 1400 can be seen on the bank’s website at

Also, in order to provide better services to our compatriots, the employees of Sina Bank branches will invest in ATMs during the holidays, and the IT experts of the regional administrations will be present to support this matter. Sina Bank Customer Relationship Center No. 02141731 will be ready to answer questions and problems of compatriots around the clock.

Click here to see the list of watch branches.

Sina Bank Public Relations