Ansar Bank merged with Sepah Bank

According to reports EconomyOnlineWith the holding of the Extraordinary Annual General Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting of Ansar Bank with the presence of 88.27% of shareholders, the bank was officially merged with Sepah Bank and the merger project was successfully completed.

Mohammad Kazem Chaghazardi said: Extraordinary Annual General Assembly and Extraordinary General Assembly of Ansar Bank were held in the presence of Ansar Bank members and shareholders in Sepah Bank Club and after presenting the board report in the Ordinary General Assembly and hearing the report of the independent auditor and The legal inspector of Ansar Bank, as well as presenting the report of the representative of judicial experts and determining the value of each share of this bank, the official merger of Ansar Bank in Sepah Bank was officially approved and finalized.

He specified: in the implementation of the Supreme Leader’s menus in order to reform the banking system, with the approval of the Integration Steering Council, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, the Central Bank and the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization. Extraordinary merger meeting related to Ansar Bank was held with the presence of 88.27% of shareholders on Sunday, December 21, 2016.

The CEO of Sepah Bank added: “With the coordination done, the extraordinary assembly of Ansar Bank was held according to the schedule, and thus the important and national merger case ended and reached its final stage.”

Chaghazardi also added: Sepah Bank has all the necessary executive arrangements, including branch operations, using interface software to provide customer services, installing Sepah Bank boards, issuing rulings of all branch officials and staff by Sepah Bank, communicating appropriate strategies and executive instructions of Sepah Bank With the structure approved by the board of directors of Sepah Bank to provide the desired services to customers.