Anzali Free Zone hosts Nowruz 1400

Mehdi Kouchaki, Secretary of the Anti-Corona Headquarters of the Anzali Free Zone Organization, emphasized that the best option for dealing with the Corona is to avoid travel, and said: “Considering the yellow announcement of the cities of Gilan province, all necessary preparations and plans to manage Nowruz 1400 trips with Priority has been given to maintaining and following the instructions of the National Corona Headquarters in the Anzali Free Zone.

He announced the strategy of Anzali Free Zone Organization in hosting the upcoming Nowruz based on mechanisms such as establishing health stations supplying masks and disinfectant products in cooperation with production units and mobilizing guilds with the implementation of entrance thermometry to the complexes of the region, and added: Special teams to control and monitor tourists, exhibitors and sellers in terms of using masks and observing health protocols, conducting joint patrols with the presence of relevant management experts of the organization from recreational, residential and commercial centers, establishing a 24-hour Nowruz vigil of the Travel Services Headquarters , Preventing people without masks from entering indoor spaces, disinfection of public places such as toilets and busy places and free distribution of masks at the entrance to the parking lot of the trade and tourism phase of the region during the Nowruz holiday are other special measures in cooperation with bazaars and The economic actors of the region are implemented by the organization.

The director of food and medicine of Anzali Free Zone Organization, stating that according to the plans made by the regional corona counter headquarters, all protocols and requirements for countering corona were determined and announced in several meetings with marketers and guilds in the region, added: Monitoring the implementation of the instructions has increased in recent days and before the holidays, and such a trend during the Nowruz holidays with intensity and comprehensiveness in order to ensure full compliance with the protocols is on the agenda of staff members.

Secretary of Anzali Free Zone Organization Corona Countermeasures Headquarters stated: During the Nowruz holiday and in the field of passenger accommodation in the region, the installation of tents in parks and the coastal plan of the region is prohibited, and at the same time accommodation in schools, centers and rented houses The area is canceled and the admission of hotels and restaurants will be 50% with the condition of observing the health criteria.

Public Relations and International Affairs of Anzali Free Zone Organization