Apply for an increase in electric motorcycle loans

According to reports EconomyOnline According to Tasnim, Hossein Shahidzadeh stated about the existing facilities for buying electric motorcycles: This year, an interest-free loan of 15 million Tomans has been considered for electric motorcycles and a loan of 11 million Tomans has been considered for gasoline engines.

He continued: “Last year, there was no limit to the implementation of this plan and all applicants could benefit from it, but this year, it can only be implemented for motor couriers with a lot of traffic, because our goal is to reduce pollution and people who only They use motorbikes to and from work. There is not much traffic in the city, so the plan is offered to people who are active in motorbike couriers.

The CEO of Tehran Air Quality Control Company stated: Due to the change in the price of motorcycles since the beginning of this year, this loan has lost its advantage because at present the price of an electric motorcycle is not less than 50 million Tomans.

He added: “Last year, this figure provided about 80% of the cost of buying an electric motor, but now due to price changes, the loan is not working for the consumer and therefore we have no applicant to receive it and people have trouble securing the rest of the motor money.” .

Shahidzadeh pointed out: Good injector gasoline engines in the market are about 28 million Tomans, which with a loan of 11 million Tomans, a good part of the engine cost is provided and can be implemented more than electric motors.