Applying the second degree of active educators in the year 99

In today’s public session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly reviewed the report of the Program, Budget and Accounts Commission regarding the urgent plan to regulate some financial, administrative and support regulations of the Ministry of Education and made changes in order to satisfy the Guardian Council. .

With the vote of the members of parliament, the note of Article (3) of this plan was amended as follows:

Note: In 1399, the Ministry of Education is obliged to apply for the second degree of those who have educational activities in schools. The financial burden of this note will be provided within the credit ceiling provided in line 127500 of the Ministry of Education in the Budget Law of 1399 and will be applicable from 11/1/1399.

Applying the second degree of the beneficiaries in the following years is subject to the provision of credit in the annual budgets.