Appreciable acceleration of the commodity exchange on the path of development

The ceremony of launching silver futures and the open auction hall of the Commodity Exchange was held in the presence of Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi, Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Parliament, Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi, Chairman of the Stock Exchange and Saeed Zarandi, Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade.

Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi, the head of the Exchange and Securities Organization, said at the ceremony: “The Exchange and Securities Organization undoubtedly supports the development of commodity exchange activities so that this exchange can move in a smoother direction.”

Dehghan Dehnavi stated: we should avoid the kind of view and political literature in the capital market, which is the solution. Of course, there are 62 million shareholders in the capital market, and this has made political officials not indifferent to the stock market and the capital market, and certainly the presidential candidates should have policies in this regard.

Return of trust is the key to improving stock market conditions

“We must all work together to strengthen trust and stability in the capital market, and shareholders must make the best decision for their assets with risk management tools,” he said.

The head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization continued: “Surveys show that the investment situation has not been favorable in recent years, but when there is transparency, we will definitely see the development and security of investment in the country.” On the other hand, policymakers need to set a long-term horizon for the industry and consider it so that investors can formulate their plan based on it.

Covering price risks with the help of stock exchange tools

He called the Ministry of Silence responsible for the country’s industry and mining and said: “All producers and consumers are always faced with price risk, in which the tools and capacities of the commodity exchange can help them manage risk and ultimately productivity and production.” And we will definitely come to this conclusion with the path that is being taken.

Dehghan Dehnavi called one dimension of development the financial needs assessment and risk management of units and said: we should offer tools for managing the risk of enterprises in accordance with these needs.

Establishment of real or micro shareholders’ association

The head of the stock exchange organization continued: the formation of a real or small shareholders’ association is one of the programs and has started, and the founding board will be composed of well-known and neutral people. Regarding the recent decision of the Supreme Exchange Council to support small shareholders, it should be said that this decision is nothing but a subordinate sale of securities.

He added: “The return of investment funds in the upward trend of the market is higher than the average of the market and in the conditions of decreasing market, their return has decreased less than the market;” This means that risk management as a result of these funds is offered to micro-investors.

Dehghan Dehnavi in ​​the end, stating that entering the cryptocurrency market was illegal and this platform has become a channel for capital outflow from the country, said: this year, capital market fluctuations were observed in other markets and the gold and currency index also fell, but declined These markets were at a time when we needed to re-trust the stock market to return to a reasonable trend.