Appreciation of Kermanshahi nurses by Khademiaran Razavi – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

Mohammad Jafar Emamian, in an interview with Mehr reporter this morning, congratulated Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) on her birthday: خادمیاران On the occasion of these days, Razavi revived the fragrance of Razavi’s sanctity by attending hospitals and medical centers in Kermanshah province and praising nurses and health activists.

He added: The plan to appreciate the efforts of nurses with the presence of Friday Imams and governors as well as officials in 12 cities of Kermanshah, Sahneh, سرپل ذهاب، سنقر And Kidney, Harsin, Kangavar, Qasr Shirin, گیلانغرب, Islamabad West, Paveh, ثلاث Babajani took place.

Secretary of Razavi Service Centers of Kermanshah Province, referring to his presence خادمیاران In 22 hospitals, in full compliance with the health instructions, he stated: In this project, 70 nurses are specially appreciated and one thousand congratulatory packages by the network خادمیاری has been distributed.