Appreciation of the Association of Manufacturers of Auto Parts and Assemblies for the services of Eghtesadnovin Bank

According to Eqtesadonline, in a meeting between Alireza Belgouri, CEO of Eghtesadnovin Bank and members of the board of directors of the Auto Parts and Assemblies Manufacturers Association, which was held on Tuesday, December 30, at the association, Asghar Khosroshahi, Vice President of the Auto Parts and Assemblies Manufacturers Association Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank services to companies active in this industry said: The parts manufacturing industry is one of the largest industries in the country, which is not currently operating at full capacity, but with the plans made, this industry will flourish again next year with increasing car production in the country. .

Khosroshahi described the biggest problem of this industry as liquidity and added: “Fortunately, this year Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank was able to provide very good support to companies in this industry with the model it defined, and today we are witnessing the satisfaction of cooperating companies with Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank’s services.”

Samei, Chairman of the Bank and Insurance Commission of the Association of Manufacturers of Auto Parts and Assemblies, also said at the meeting: “Despite all the restrictions, Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank stood by the companies in this industry in the most difficult conditions, so that today we see a 60% increase in production in this industry.” Certainly part of these successes is the share of Eghtesadnovin Bank.

He called Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank the first bank of parts manufacturers and said: “Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank is very different from other banks in terms of speed of operation, and we should appreciate the good services of this bank.

In the second part of the meeting, Alireza Belgouri, while thanking the companies present at the meeting for their gratitude for the bank’s services, said: “Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank considers manufacturing and industrial companies to be its strategic partners in the true sense of the word. To accompany.

The CEO of Eghtesadnovin Bank considered the support of national production and employment as the most important mission of banks in the current situation of the country and said: “We have tried to gain more knowledge about their industry and business environment by establishing close relations with customers so that we can find the best solution in the shortest possible time.” To them.

Referring to the services of Eghtesad-e-Novin Financial Group, Belgouri added: “Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank, with its specialized companies, offers a comprehensive range of financial, banking and insurance services to its customers and is ready to use all its capacities to finance this industry and upstream industries.” Facilitate the downstream even more.

Nima Mohammadi, Deputy Minister of Credit and International Affairs of Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank, called the bank’s view of the automotive industry, especially the parts industry, a long-term view and said: “With this approach, we have tried to provide the required services to manufacturing and industrial companies operating in this industry.” Meet.

It is worth mentioning that in this meeting, the members of the Parts Manufacturers Association, while appreciating the services of Eghtesad-e-Novin Bank, expressed their views, needs and expectations.