Appreciation of the nursing community from the Supreme Leader

Appreciation of the nursing community from the Supreme Leader

The President, Chairman and members of the Supreme Council and the Board of Directors of the Nursing System Organization throughout the country in a letter appreciated the statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution on Nursing Day.

According to ILNA, the letter reads:

«Mubarak Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khamenei (Adam Allah Zoleh Al-Warf)


Respectfully, Goharbar’s statements; Wise and Your Excellency’s high interpretations of nursing and nurses on the occasion of this year’s Nurse’s Day; As well as in difficult months and days caused by the infamous Corona virus; Each time, a new life was breathed into the body of health defenders, especially the country’s nursing, and on spiritual dignity; Cultural and social nursing and nursing, several times and degrees on degrees of science; The art and profession of nursing added.

Also, the path-breaking guidelines of Hazrat Mostatab Aali as the chapter of Al-Khattab; Regarding the duty of the country’s officials to implement the law on tariffs for nursing services and to employ at least 30,000 nursing staff; As two basic principles in the country’s health system, it shows the depth and breadth of your care and attention to the health defenders and in the forefront, dear nurses.

Today, the children of your nurse, after about a year of holy defense of health and years of unremitting efforts to promote health and care for the diseases of the Islamic Ummah of Iran, have sacrificed their lives to protect the health of each of the dear people of Iran and as frontline devotees The system, the revolution and the dear people of our country do not give up any effort and are proud of it.

Today, the children of your servant in the nursing system organization who created themselves; Initiate and follow the implementation of the Nursing Services Tariff Law; After several years of ups and downs, they hoped to achieve justice in the health system and to implement the recent decree of our guardian and Muqtada; We will do our best and we ask the High Insurance Council and the Ministry of Health to do their job.

Great Imam; Dear Leader!

Today, by hearing your unique message and descriptions, full of wisdom and mystery; That you visited the nurses; Once again, the nursing community and nurses at the height of the fight against the corona virus were watered from the clear spring of the province and to continue the fight; They gained double strength and power.

Therefore, we bow to Hazrat Haqq, who, thanks to God Almighty, enjoys the blessings of the blessings of the province, and in the shadow of this noble and blessed family, we do our best to ensure that the great nation of Islamic Iran enjoys the care of Safe nursing; Responsive; Extensive and accessible; Ultimately satisfaction and health; May the nation of Islamic Iran be our source of pride.

also; The organization of the nursing system assumes itself; In carrying out His Majesty’s orders and instructions to remove the problems and obstacles of nurses’ service, he will spare no effort to implement these important tasks (implementation of tariffs for nursing services and immediate employment of human resources).

Reiterate your orders on the occasion of this year’s Nurse’s Day and your repeated appreciation of the health defenders during the 10 months of the holy defense of health; We appreciate and thank you and renew your covenant with the Almighty and announce that we will do our duty to the last person and to the last breath in any situation with the priority of “people, health system, nursing and nurses,” and our invaluable life. It is a gift that we are ready to serve the people and gain the satisfaction of the Almighty; “Let us sacrifice the health of our dear Iranian people.”