Approval of 3 policies on increasing the range of stock price fluctuations in the stock market

According to Tejarat News, Mohammad Ali Dehghan Hanavi, the spokesman of the Supreme Stock Exchange Council, announced the approval of three general policies regarding the change of the fluctuation range in today’s meeting of the council.

Accordingly, firstly, the increase in the range of fluctuations was emphasized by the council; Secondly, this increase will be done gradually along with full information and market readiness, and thirdly, it was decided that along with the policy of increasing the range of fluctuations, culture building and promotion of indirect equity methods will also be done.

He pointed out: with these three general policies, determining the number of fluctuations was left to the stock exchange organization; Conclusions will also be made in the coming days and the opinions of experts and thinkers of financial institutions will be obtained in order to finally reach a decision that is in the interest and consensus of a wide range of shareholders.

Source: IRNA

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