Approval of deferral of foreign currency debt of producers

According to Tejarat News, Alireza Razm Hosseini on the sidelines of the last meeting of the Production Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers Headquarters this year, referring to the approach of the Production Facilitation and Elimination Headquarters next year to facilitate the business and production environment, introduced a new method of The return of currency to the country as well as the increase in imports of production inputs were considered effective and said: This year, 18 meetings were held at the national level, 14 of which were held in the last five months and more than 270 resolutions were approved at the headquarters, 60% They ran.

He said that about 1,500 inactive and stagnant production units returned to the production cycle in 1999, adding: in 1400, in addition to taking action to remove production barriers, the focus will be on facilitating the production process and also to streamline exports and imports. .

Procrastination of foreign currency debt of producers

Razm Hosseini, referring to the decision of the government’s economic headquarters to defer the foreign currency debt of producers, stated: “Due to the currency difference that occurred, production units were under pressure, which was decided to help producers at the request of the Bank Coordination Council.” Approved at the economic headquarters of the government.

7% growth in the industrial sector

Minister Samat further referred to the growth of production in 29 production lines and said: “According to the statistics of the Central Bank, the industrial growth of Iran in the last 11 months has reached more than 7% and we predict in the final statistics of 99 this figure to 7. Increase by 5%.

$ 60 billion in international trade

According to Razm Hosseini, Iran’s exports reached about $ 34 billion in 1999, and imports amounted to about $ 37 billion, mostly in basic goods and raw materials.
He called the $ 60 billion international trade in the context of the economic war and the outbreak of the corona a sign of the good performance of related agencies, production units and Iranian traders and added: “We have a good situation in production, the process of supplying and storing strategic and basic goods as well as production inputs continues.” And with the good cooperation of the Central Bank in the field of foreign exchange, the necessary measures are being taken to supply and import goods that are related to the duties and responsibilities of the Ministry of Silence.

Positive effects of the new method of meeting the foreign exchange obligation of exporters

Continuing the implementation of the new policy, Minister Samat considered the fulfillment of exporters’ foreign exchange obligations as effective in increasing the return of foreign currency to the country and stated: The exporter is free to return foreign currency in the Nima system or by importing goods specified by the Ministry of Silence or handing over currency to the importer Now, not only has the return of foreign exchange to the country increased, but also the import of raw materials for production has increased, and we hope to see more prosperity in international trade next year.

Source: Fars