Arash Zolipour goes to the health network with “Open Window”

Arash Zolipour goes to the health network with

The TV program “Open Window” will be aired on the health network from tonight, the first of January, with the performance of Arash Zolipour.

According to ILNA, the TV program “Open Window” will be broadcast on the Sima Health Network from tonight, the first Monday of January, with the performance of Arash Zolipour and the editor of Mehdi Haji Miragha.

The “Open Window” program, which has been produced in 120 episodes with the participation of the Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, airs weekly from Saturday to Wednesday at 6 pm on the antenna of the Sima Health Network. The host will be Dr. Hamid Souri, an epidemiologist and member of the epidemiology committee of the Corona Headquarters in Tehran.

This program includes different and interesting conversations with health people, artists, athletes and prominent figures whose health has played a decisive role in their lives and in some cases has changed the course of their lives.

From the items of the “Open Window” program, in addition to different conversations, we can go to the open laughter section with the performance of stand-up comedians, section 115 with the focus on first aid and emergency, open medicine section, puppet and drama section, special reporter and the presence of young and prominent singers. The country mentioned in the program.

It is worth mentioning that the artistic director of this program is Hassan Nazari and its producer is Seyed Mohammad Hossein Pourfazli.