Arrest of 15 girls and boys in an unusual situation in Roodehen + details

The prosecutor of Roodehen announced the arrest and detention of 15 girls and boys at a mixed night party in Roodehen during these coronary days.

Zidaleh Khodayari, the head of the Judiciary and the prosecutor of Roodehen, said: “After being informed of holding a mixed night party in one of the villas on the outskirts of Roodehen, the necessary orders were issued to the respected judicial officers.”

Fifteen girls and boys from different parts of Tehran who had gathered in this villa and organized a party were arrested and detained, and some alcohol was discovered from them and he added: the villa was confiscated due to the repetition of similar cases in Past and previous warnings were sealed.

The judicial official said: “I warn all the owners of villas in the region who give their property to criminals for this purpose. If it is repeated, in addition to judicial dealings with the perpetrators and perpetrators of these gatherings, their legal treatment and property will be severely sealed.”

Source: Rokna