Arrest of young Rambod and Mr. Khan in Khandowaneh! + Controversial movie

Mr. Khan, who said he was covering the Cannes Film Festival for cultural exchanges, did not know he was collaborating with the black spider smuggling gang. During his arrest, Mr. Khan confessed that the young Rambod, nicknamed the “Black Spider”, had deceived him.

Mr. Khan in Khondavaneh

Young Rambod Migration

Some time ago, the young Rambod and his wife Negar Javaherian traveled to Canada from Iran to give birth to their child. This news had a lot of feedback among users on social networks. Last night, Hojjatoleslam Zairi asked Rambod Javan about this in an internet conversation, and Javan pointed out that the relevant managers and officials were aware of his trip:

“It was completely directed. First of all, it was not something that television did not know. The directors of television knew this. The situation required us to go on this journey and give birth to our child there.”

Marriage to the rumor of separation of young Rambod and Negar Javaherian

The whisper that we hear these days in private circles and cyberspace is the disagreement of the young Rambod and Negar Javaherian for living together. Some attribute the decline of the new series of Khandwaneh to this issue, while others attribute his former lack of vitality and energy to this former.

In short, there were a lot of rumors about Rambod’s previous separation from Sahar Dolatshahi, to which even Rambod reacted sharply in an interview, saying: “I prefer, as a resistance behavior to this kind of excitement, to know my personal life.” To be fair to everyone, I do not like to talk about my private life on the national media. If I wanted to talk, I lived on the street instead of at home. I do not want anyone to ask me questions about my private life. My life is mine.

Young Rambod

Acting activity of young Rambod

Theater was the beginning of the comedian’s entry into the theater and artistic activities. He has worked in theater, television and cinema, respectively, and has been working as a theater actor since 1994. His first directing in the theater was a theater for the disabled, which, according to him, has received a lot of attention. In the same year, he started his career in television in the water saving series and then played a role in the Nowruz 74 program.

Young Rambod

Young Rambod Filmography

Young Rambod in the cinema

Murphy’s Law Director and actor

1395 Director Negar

1392 Conditional release

1392 Azar, Shahdokht, Parviz and others

1391 Nikan and the giant child

1391 Sinners

1390 Laboratory

1389 The daughter of Shah Parion

1389 دیو و دلبر

1388-1389 The entry of gentlemen is forbidden

1388 Son of Adam, daughter of Eve

2008 Night in Tehran

Music box

1386 Interview

1385 Imitation woman

1385 Souvenirs of Farang

A magical generation

2004 Spaghetti in eight minutes

1383 max

1382 Pink

1379 Cinderella

1378 Mummy 3

1376 Help me

1997 Behind the Night Wall

1394 Tower of the Hereafter

Young Rambod

Young Rambod TV works

1394 Hidden treasure

1396 – 1393 Khondavaneh Director-Executor

1392 Red Hat 92 Guest Actor

Director Chat – Host of Rambod Javan iFilm

2011 Guest Actor Doctors Building

2009 Passengers Actor, Director

2007 Address of actor, director

2002 Crystal Garden Actor, Director

2001 Missing Director

1379 Velayat-e-Eshgh Actor

1998 Actor’s magic coat

1998 Guest Actor Hotel

1997 Another birthday of the original screenwriter

1997 Nearby Author

1997 Green Land Actor

1996 Actor Green House

1374-1375 Another type of actor

1995 Actor Store

1995 Actor Wives

1374 Nowruz 74 Actors

1994 Actor water saving

Young Rambod

Young Rambod on the Home Show Network

1390 Iranian actor dinner

1393 Pearl Alley

Young Rambod Awards

2005 20th International Children and Adolescent Film Festival Best Spaghetti Directed in Eight Minutes

2012 The 31st Fajrbeh Film Festival is the most sinful actor

1394 Hafez 15th celebration of the best funny TV show

2016 The 16th celebration of Hafez, the best funny TV presenter

1395 The 35th Fajrbejt Film Festival is directed by Negar

2016 The third three-star TV awards for the best funny TV presenter