Asia Insurance broke the record in 1998 in 9 months

Asia Insurance Company, as the largest non-governmental insurance company in Iran, being the second largest insurance company in the country after the only state-owned insurance company in the country, sold more than 698 billion tomans of insurance policies in December this year, a growth of 55%. Compared to December of last year.

Meanwhile, the amount of damages paid by this company in December of this year compared to December of last year has faced only 4% growth and has reached about 381 billion tomans. The ratio of damages to the company’s production premium has also improved from 82% in December 1998 to 55% in December this year.

A review of Asia Insurance Company’s insurance performance to CEO Masoud Badin also shows that sales in the first nine months of this year increased by 40% compared to the same period last year to about 6057 billion tomans, while the company’s claims only grew by 22%. Has been estimated at 2890 billion tomans.

The share of strings from the Asian portfolio

By the end of December this year, the share of third party insurance in the total sales of Asia Insurance was 40% and 49% of the total damage paid, the share of car body insurance was 15% of sales and 12% of the damage, and thus the share of car insurance in total insurance sales. Asia is estimated at 55% during this period and 61% of the total damage. Of course, the ratio of claims to premiums in the field of car insurance, including body and third party insurance and occupant accidents in Asian insurance is about 55%, which shows that Asian insurance managers monitor the sales of branches and agents to avoid the phenomenon of extreme third party sales.

The report adds: “Only 19% of the total sales of Asian insurance in the first 9 months of this year are related to the fields of health and accident insurance, and 22% of the total damages paid by this company during the mentioned period are related to these fields.” 10% of the total premiums produced in Asia in the field of engineering, liability and special fields, 7% in the fields of cargo and fire insurance and 8% in the field of life insurance, and in return for the total damages paid, the share of engineering insurance, liability and. .. 4%, life insurance 8% and freight and fire 4%.