AsiaTek “Baharajeh” Festival; Both spring and auction!

Dear Asatek high speed internet service subscribers, you can buy internet packages at cheaper prices in “AsiaTek” Baharajeh Festival. At the Baharajeh Festival, we tried to design different packages based on your consumption pattern, as in the past. This variety of packages makes it possible for you, dear friends of AsiaTek, to choose the package you need with the right to choose more. But the spring festival is different from the previous festivals …

24-hour packages

At the “Baharajeh” festival for ADSL high-speed internet service, 7 internet packages with speeds of 8 mg and 16 with duration of 1 year, 6 months and 3 months will be available to subscribers for activation. Of these 7 special packages, 2 6-month packages, 1 3-month special package for initial registration and 4 other packages can be used for both registration and renewal. Initial registration services are active until April 20, and the rest of the services until June 20, 1400.

Good news for the night owls! In the 12-month “Baharajeh” packages, in addition to normal internet traffic, we also considered special night traffic. So, by purchasing or renewing these packages, you can safely browse and download from 2 am to 8 am.

Our goal of “Baharajeh” festival is to be able to design the best packages with different duration, volume and speeds and to provide you with these packages at the lowest possible price so that we can satisfy you as much as possible, your regular companions of AsiaTek. Let’s draw.

For more information about the special “Baharajeh” special packages of AsiaTek, refer to the dedicated page of this festival or contact our experts by calling 1544 and 91010000.