Attaullah Mohajerani sharply criticizes Ayatollah Amjad

Attaullah Mohajerani sharply criticizes Ayatollah Amjad

Economy News:

Atallah Mohajerani, a former reform minister living in London, wrote in a tweet in response to Ayatollah Amjad’s deconstructive remarks: “On the eve of Rajab last year, when I learned that Ayatollah Amjad was coming to France. I talked to him to go to France for a decade and read Allama Tabatabai’s treatise Al-Walayah with him every day for 2 to 4 hours and write a book for the youth on the description and interpretation of the treatise. It was not possible.

According to reports Economy News, quoting Mashreq, I suggested that he write a book on the interpretation of the Holy Quran and the explanation of “Gharr verses” on this special occasion of the time of Corona. I also told my friends in Tehran to send them the necessary resources. It was not possible.

Suddenly, he stunned us all with very harsh and unstructured words.

Ayatollah Khamenei is the symbol of national authority and dignity and the pride of the nation and system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. One can benevolently criticize many executive and judicial affairs and the parliament and the IRGC. But deconstructing and denying the revolution and the system is another matter. In the words of the Commander of the Faithful:

Our Lord, we do not speak to ourselves, we are on the same side, at least not from you and not from the majority. Praise be to Allaah

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