Attempt of 6 knowledge-based companies to produce corona vaccine from 3 methods / human injection of a vaccine

Referring to the knowledge-based activities for vaccine production, the Vice President for Science and Technology said: “Currently, there are 6 companies active in this field, one example of which was human injection today.”

According to ISNA On the sidelines of the inauguration of 8 innovation centers of Shahid Beheshti University, Sorena Sattari told reporters, referring to the efforts of knowledge-based companies in the field of Corona vaccine production: “Currently, 6 companies have been activated in the field of production of these vaccines.”

Sattari continued by stating that these vaccines are produced in three ways: Today, one of the vaccines produced was human injection.

The Vice President for Science and Technology emphasized: “We are trying to develop vaccines produced by all three methods.”

Emphasizing that the orientations of universities have changed, Sattari added: “Currently, the university has become a place for technology development and a place where technology and innovation are born.”

“Knowledge-based companies are developing technology, and researchers are working in this area,” he said, noting that a good model for commercialization has been implemented in universities.

Sattari continued: “This process will make our task heavier for more support.”

Referring to the establishment of the Innovation Center in the field of humanities, the Vice President for Science and Technology said: “Development of humanities is one of the issues that we are seriously pursuing and currently most companies active in the field of humanities are knowledge-based.”

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