Auxin Steel has received CE certification for API product quality

Forouzan Bagheri, Director of Organizational Systems and Strategy of the company, said in this regard: The audit of CE certification by a reputable and approved institution of the European Union from Finland, during an audit process in three areas of production of API sheets of sweet and sour environment and sheets used Successfully performed in the deep sea up to the X70 grade, thus confirming the company’s unique ability to export quality products to EU markets.

The CE mark indicates the conformity of the manufactured product with the rules and specifications defined in the European Union. The product that succeeds in obtaining this mark, can be marketed in all EU member states without any restrictions, and with the CE logo, it will be allowed to enter the market of European countries. In addition to European countries, many of Iran’s neighbors and the Persian Gulf have also declared having a CE mark as a condition for accepting goods for import.

Auxin Steel Company has had CE Marking certification in the field of construction products for more than five years.

Public Relations of Auxin Steel Company