Average daily hospitalization of 7 to 10 coronary patients in Khuzestan / We are currently in good condition

Average daily hospitalization of 7 to 10 coronary patients in Khuzestan / We are currently in good condition

The head of Khuzestan Health Center said: At present, Khuzestan has relatively good conditions compared to other provinces of the country.

According to the ILNA correspondent from Khuzestan, Seyyed Mohammad Alavi stated in a press conference with the media on Monday, December 22nd: “With the restrictions imposed since early December, the number of hospitalized patients has significantly decreased and also with the implementation of Sardar Soleimani’s plan,” Neighborhood examinations and tests with the slogan “Every home is a health base” and testing in 20 minutes, the disease is declining.

Expressing the daily statistics of hospitalized patients, he added: “On average, between 7 and 10 people a day go to the province’s hospitals due to the corona virus, but of course, considering the population of the province compared to other provinces, Khuzestan has relatively good conditions.”

The head of the Khuzestan Health Center, considering the arrival of the National Day for Safety against Natural Disasters, said: There are about 40 types of natural disasters in the world that threaten humans, and of these, 34 are predominantly in Iran, which annually in It is experienced in different parts of the country.

He says: The very diverse climatic and geographical conditions of Khuzestan have caused this province to become one of the most accident-prone provinces in the country. Earthquakes, floods, fires, air pollution, thunderstorms (thunderstorms that are one of the most common causes of respiratory distress during rains), lightning, drought, hurricanes, hail, locust infestations are some of these events and natural disasters.

Alavi added: “In recent years, after several years of drought and due to differences in the amount of rainfall in the province, in these years we are witnessing floods and floods in the province, but these floods are not less than floods in terms of pollution and hazards.”

He further introduced Iran as the third earthquake-prone country in the world and said: “Earthquake is known as one of the natural and frequent events in Khuzestan. Although most earthquakes are not very dangerous, but it is a serious alarm.”

He pointed out: In Khuzestan Health Center, the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Group is responsible for planning and maintaining health preparedness in order to deal with disasters, and this group is focused and specialized in implementing programs related to crisis management. , Acts in emergencies and emergencies.

In the end, he emphasized on improving the level of preparedness in all social and organizational areas to face possible dangers and said about the level of preparedness of the people of the province against natural disasters: According to the first 6 months of this year, the level of readiness of Khuzestan households is estimated at 34%. This number is approximately equal to the national average.