Azari Jahromi visits the management of Sistan and Baluchestan Post Bank branches

According to IBNA, quoting the public relations of Post Bank of Iran, Azari Jahromi accompanied by a delegation and also Suraya Seyedzadeh, Deputy Governor for Management Development and Human Resources and other governor officials attended the management of Sistan and Baluchestan Post Bank branches, a joint meeting with Mohammad Ibrahim Mohammadi held the branch manager of the province.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, while expressing the satisfaction of the governorate and information technology complex with the performance of the province’s post-bank, emphasized: The creative philosophy of this bank is to be present in rural areas and to serve in deprived areas.

In the end, he emphasized on making the necessary plans for the presence of bank counters in villages with a population of more than 1,500 people in the province to achieve this important goal.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mohammadi presented a detailed report on the performance of Sistan and Baluchestan Post Bank in the areas of rural bank counters, electronic services, rural employment facilities and the National Development Fund in rural areas, as well as Istisna facilities in Zahedan and Zabol.