Badamchian or Mirsalim, who is the candidate of 1400 coalitions?

According to reports EconomyNews According to the Sharq newspaper, “the coalition has repeatedly said on the eve of every election that it wants to come with a party candidate, and even when its candidate is approved, it retreats at the last moment and leaves him alone. Examples were the 1996 election and the arrival of Myerslim. Now that Mustafa Mirsalim has been a member of parliament for 74 years, he is definitely the party’s most likely candidate for the presidency of its secretary general, Assadollah Badamchian.

But Tarqi, a member of the Central Council of the Islamic Coalition Party, told Etemadonline about the unofficial news about the candidacy of the party’s secretary general in the 1400 presidential election: “Mr. Badamchian raised this possibility, but it has not been mentioned with certainty.” “These issues have not yet been summarized within the coalition, and we have not reached a conclusion on figures within the party in this regard.”