Bamland revenue for the capital; a quarter of a century 22 million

According to the Eqtesadnews reporter, the story of the construction of Bam Land dates back to November 26, 1992. At that time, a contract was signed for the construction and equipping of a tourist, hospitality, commercial, educational and cultural complex east of the Persian Gulf Martyrs Lake (Chitgar) for 25 years. Toman pays rent to the municipality, which at the end of the twenty-fifth year, this figure reaches 593 million Tomans. That is, after 25 years, only 4 billion reaches the municipality of Tehran. Interestingly, the approximate area of ​​the land to be exploited by the other party to the contract is 44,276 square meters.

Late in the fall of last year, Afshin Habibzadeh, the deputy supervisor of the city council, in a confidential letter to the mayor of Tehran, had examined the legal of the Bamland contract, but it was not clear whether the mayor responded to this confidential letter or not.

After a year, today Bahareh reminded the mayor of Tehran about the non-realization of city and municipal rights in Bamoland commercial complex: “This project was handed over to a private company in 1992 in the form of a BOLT contract with a 25-year operation period.”

A member of the Tehran City Council continued: In the Bamoland project, which is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf Martyrs Lake, about 6 hectares of land with a view of the lake have been provided to the investor and in fact the land with its construction license is considered by the municipality.

Referring to the rent for the operation of the project in the first year of its construction (1996), he said: The rent received in the first year for the operation of 37,000 square meters of construction from the investor was less than 20 million tomans per month; While the main part of the operation is commercial and at the same time 17,000 square meters of the building has been constructed in excess of the contract.

Arvin stated: This small amount of rent is going to increase by only 15% annually over a period of 25 years! With these details, now that it is the third year of operation of the project, the monthly rent for the operation of several thousand square meters of commercial space is only about 22 million tomans.

A member of the Tehran City Council pointed out: On this account, in fact, the revenue that the municipality of Tehran earns during the 25 years of operation of the Bamland project will be a total of 44 billion tomans, which is obvious how small this figure is compared to the revenue from this complex. Is.

According to him, on the other hand, in the initial expert estimates, the auction held, the contract concluded and finally the implementation of the project, there are huge and inadmissible ambiguities and inconsistencies about the use and area of ​​the project area and properties.

Arvin stated: This project was initially defined by cultural use; But now it has become a commercial complex.

He added: the infrastructure of the project in the initial definition was 14,550 square meters and in the contract was 17,880 square meters, and now with a 100% increase in construction, approximately 37,000 square meters of infrastructure has been constructed for it. All these changes in the use and increase of the building have been made while the financial effect of none of them has been applied in the contract neither at the time of the auction nor after the completion of the construction of the project.

A member of the Tehran City Council stated that the municipality has spent thousands of billions of rials to build and maintain the Persian Gulf Martyrs’ Lake and has made the barren lands around the Chitgar Forest Park commercially valuable: The municipality will operate in the coming years for a 25-year period. The citizens of Tehran will spend thousands of billions of rials from the Bamland commercial complex to maintain the lake, while it will receive almost no income from the tens of thousands of square meters of land and the commercial building that has been built.

He emphasized: In this economic situation where Tehran Municipality has many problems in providing services to citizens, there is a serious question that despite the explicit statement of regulatory bodies for legal action against this complex, why the municipality did not take effective action to terminate the contract or change the amount The lease, the period of operation and the annual rate of increase of the lease have not taken any action to update the contract according to the economic logic.

Arvin addressed the mayor of Tehran and said: Mr. Mayor! Why are the maintenance costs of the Persian Gulf Martyrs Lake paid from the pockets of the city and the citizens of Tehran, and about six hectares of the best commercial land in the city have been given to the company without creating financial benefits for the municipality of Tehran? What is the reason for tolerance and support for the continuation of this special privilege and the prolongation of the processing time?

In the end, he called on the mayor of Tehran to realize the rights of the municipality as soon as possible and said: I ask the mayor of Tehran to terminate or update the contract as soon as possible while preserving the past and future interests of the municipality. It has been used for more than three years for commercial use and free of charge by the investor, to be calculated and received as soon as possible. This amount can now be even higher than the initial investment amount.

In response to Arvin’s remark, Mohsen Hashemi said: “I followed up on this issue and the mayor announced that because the judicial institutions have entered into the matter, we are waiting for the court ruling.” Arvin told Hashemi: “The interesting thing is that the judicial institutions have entered this case.” But the municipality has not yet pursued it

Earlier, Ali Atta had entered the roof violations of Bamland and said: “One of the illegal practices of the municipality in the past decades has been that they have not received a building permit for the construction of buildings, all or part of which belong to the municipality, and they have probably said.” “We do not get a license from ourselves.”

The Taji Bam Land Complex project is one of those buildings where serious violations have taken place but has now been sent to the Article 100 Commission to investigate the violations.

In 1992, a construction, operation, lease and transfer (BOLT) was concluded between one of the subsidiaries of Tehran Municipality called Karkanan Construction Company and a private company. According to this contract, this company is allowed to build 17880 square meters of building for a period of It will operate for 25 years, but in practice, a building with an area of ​​about 31,500 square meters will be built by this company.

There have been several urban planning violations in this project, some of which seem to be related to the then managers of the municipality and some to the other side.

One is that this building was built solely on the basis of a contract between this municipal subsidiary and that private company without a license, while the issuance of a building permit is legally required for any construction. Secondly, according to the same contract, that private company was allowed to construct 17,800 square meters of building for operation in a period of 25 years, but in practice, it has constructed a building of approximately 31,500 square meters to be exploited in a period of 25 years. Third, in the violation form prepared by the municipality and sent to the Article 100 Commission, it also mentioned the change of use as a violation of the Bam Land project.