Battle of traders on three fronts

According to Eqtesadnews, the trend of changes in the stock market indicators was positive on Sunday, but the fall in the prices of the stock exchange elders caused the fall of the overall index. Refining, automotive and banking symbols, which have a large share of the total value of the Tehran Stock Exchange, fell in price on Sunday.

Yesterday, the total index dropped by 5,870 units and reached 1,439,000 units. But the total homogeneous index with a growth of 2,578 units stood at 447,827 units. 239 stock market symbols had a price increase of 49% and the stock price decreased by 46%.

The largest price increase

Yesterday, the shares of Alumrad Company (with the trading symbol of Famrad) had the highest stock price growth. After Fomrad, Behnoosh Iran Company (with the symbol of Ghabnoosh) and Iran Tire (with the symbol of Petair) had the highest price growth, and Zagros Petrochemical Company (Zagros), Pegah Golestan Pasteurized Milk (Ghagolsta), Urmia Petrochemical Company (Sharom) and OTC Bank Melli housing facility bonds, Tamli 803, Tamli 806, Tamli 702 and Tamli 612 had the highest price increases.

The biggest price reduction

Axis Sazan Iran Khodro Company (with the symbol of Khosaz) on Sunday had the highest price reduction among listed companies. After Khosaz, Tehran Cement (Satran) and Sufian Cement (Sufismi) had the highest decrease in market prices and had the highest price decrease in OTC trades of Bank Melli, Tamli 801, Tamli 705, Tamli 805, Tamli 807, Tamli 804 and Tamli 701.

Market supply and demand

Since the symbols that are accompanied by a buy queue at the end of trading are also in demand the next day, and the symbols with a sell queue at the end of trading are also faced with a high supply the next day, it seems that examining supply and demand at the end of Sunday, Predict the stock market trend today.

Stock queues

Decrease in the value of shopping queues

At the end of trading on Sunday, the value of shopping queues was 2 thousand and 312 billion tomans, which shows a decrease of 14.6 percent compared to the previous day. The devaluation of market demand is a warning sign, however, the surplus market had a demand of 1,677 billion tomans.

Growing value of sales queues

Yesterday, the value of sales queues increased by 191 percent and reached 635 billion tomans. Significant growth in market supply caused the index to fall, with some market participants attributing the increase in market supply to the performance of market participants and accusing them of fluctuating. Some analysts also attribute the growth of legal traders’ offerings to the end of December and the end of the financial period of some companies.

Most demands

At the end of Sunday trading, the highest value of the purchase queue for the fifth consecutive day belonged to Bouali Petrochemical Company (with the trading symbol of Bouali), which had a purchase queue of 449 billion Tomans. In the table of shopping queues on Sunday, after Bu Ali, Zagros (Zagros Petrochemical) and Kabahman (Kosar Bahman Investment Management) had the most buying queues.

Most offers

The symbol of Kama (Bama Company) with the supply of 78 billion Tomans, had the highest sales queue value in the market, and after Kama, Shepna (Isfahan Oil Refining Company) and Padrakhsh (Derakhshan Iran Company) were in the next ranks of the table with the highest sales queue value. they got.

Stock queues

Forecast the stock market today

Yesterday, the overall index fell and the homogeneous index rose. This shows that the stock price of most stock market companies has risen, but the symbols that had a price drop have more weight in the market. Some analysts believe that a new category has been formed in the capital market, which is formulated with three categories: refining and automotive, commodity-based symbols, and other symbols. This formulation seems to at least explain the events of Sunday on the Tehran Stock Exchange. On Sunday, the prices of refinery and automobile stocks fell, but the stock and commodity-based symbols of the stock market, such as Fars, Famli, Fakhuz and Kachad, rose in price. Oscillators are said to be active in buying and selling refining and automotive symbols, and their price changes are more influenced by the excitement and queuing of traders who decide to buy and sell based on rumors and unofficial news.

In general, it can be said that due to the excess demand of 1,677 billion tomans in the market, the stock market has the potential to rise in today’s trading, but if the devaluation of buying queues and increasing queues continue today, the stock market will be cold and frustrated on the first day of winter. Will be.