Be careful not to buy banana substitutes

The plantain tree grows rapidly with its rectangular and paddled leaves reaching a length of 2.43. This tree does not bear fruit in the first 2 or 3 years and only yellow flowers with red and purple leaves grow on it.

Plantin and banana

The nutritional value of plantain

Plantine is an excellent source Potassium, fiber, vitamins A, B2, B6 and C. Also contains:

Properties of plantain for body health

In addition to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, plantain also prevents infection. In this part of health and wellness More moist to Properties of plantain We will pay and introduce you to the difference between plantain and banana.

Source potassium:

One cup of plantain provides 913 mg of potassium, which is equivalent to 20% of the recommended daily allowance. Potassium deficiency affects the function of various organs and skeletal contraction as well as muscles. In addition, it regulates blood pressure by fighting the harms of sodium. Having a diet rich in potassium can be a possibility Osteoporosis , Reduced stroke and kidney disease.

Different properties of plantain

Gastrointestinal health:

Fiber plays an important role in gastrointestinal health. With consumption Fiber-rich foods such as plantain can provide daily fiber. Consumption of plantain relieves constipation, Hemorrhoids and digestive problems such as It becomes diverticulitis.

Fiber also helps control weight by creating a feeling of satiety. Increase consumption of foods containing fiber Weight loss in obese patients. Soluble fiber to Cholesterol lowering as well Blood pressure helps prevent and stabilize heart disease Blood sugar helps.

Eliminate free radicals:

When food is broken down by the body or exposed to harmful elements such as radiation or tobacco smoke, free radicals are formed, leading to many diseases and Premature aging occurs. Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, fights free radical damage. More than 35% of vitamin C is provided by daily consumption of plantain.

The body cannot produce or store vitamin C on its own, so daily vitamin C intake is important. Vitamin C as one of the strong vitamins helps the growth and repair of body tissues. It is important in the formation of proteins, tendons, skin, blood vessels and ligaments and protects bones, cartilage and teeth.

Benefits of Plantin

Strengthen the immune system:

Vitamin A is another powerful antioxidant that has numerous health benefits. Plantin provides 36% of vitamin A daily. Vitamins C and A prevent disease by boosting the body’s immune system. Vitamin A is an essential element for wound healing and cell growth, which improves skin health.

Due to its antioxidant properties, vitamin A neutralizes free radicals and prevents inflammation caused by over-reaction of cells. Also causes Strengthens vision.

Magnesium source:

Magnesium affects more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. This material to adjust blood pressure, Prevention Osteoporosis It also helps the health of the body. Plantin may control blood glucose levels, regulate insulin and carbohydrate metabolism, Reduces and treats type 2 diabetes Depression, Insomnia and migraine headaches are helpful.

Gastric or peptic ulcer:

People taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for chronic pain and Use rheumatoid arthritis, highly susceptible to Ulcers are. These people can by consuming plantain Ulcers Improve.

Benefits of Plantin

Improve respiratory problems:

Due to its antiseptic properties, plantain reduces mucus secretion in the respiratory tract and in the treatment of colds, a cold , Sinusitis, allergic lung and bronchial diseases such as asthma and fever, tonsillitis, Sore throat and Cough is effective.

Cholesterol lowering :

200 grams of plantain provides the required 5 grams of protein and makes it a good option for lowering cholesterol levels to prevent obesity, diseases related to Type 2 diabetes and cancer are effective.

What is the difference between a banana and a plantain?

If in this part of health and wellness Namnak Plantins are said to belong to the banana family but Starch They have more and less sugar, which means that when they ripen, they are still green. If you buy them when they are overripe, they will start to turn yellow or black. Bananas are a great snack and are eaten raw but plantain because Too much starch is not usually eaten raw.

Bananas are often used in desserts and cakes because of their sweet taste. Due to the low sugar content compared to bananas, it can be used in various dishes.

Plantin has different uses in cooking at every stage of its growth. Unlike bananas, which are eaten raw, plantain must be cooked. Complete cooking, frying and preparation Chips are of different application to plantain in cooking.

Cooked plantain

Which is healthier, banana or plantain?

Bananas and plantains each have nutrients and benefits for the health of the body and one can not be preferred over the other. Plantin and bananas both contain carbohydrates, which increase levels Blood sugar It is effective, especially bananas, which contain more carbohydrates than sugar. So people who are worried Blood sugar They themselves should be careful in consuming both.