Begin delivery of Shahin Saipa car to customers

According to reports Eqtesadonline, in this ceremony, switches, documents and cars of 3 Saipa customers were delivered, and also 10 Shahin cars, the sales invoice of which was issued at the same time as Eid al-Fitr, were delivered to buyers.

Saipa Automotive Group to increase customer satisfaction and based on the new product quality system, Khodro Shahin with a three-year warranty or 60,000 km delivery to customers.

Shahin car with M15 turbocharged engine, 5-speed manual gearbox and body design with very strong steels is a serious competitor to foreign cars of its class, this car has the Euro 5 emission standard.

Also Shahin, equipped with electric steering, sunroof, push-button starter, exit system without switch, tire pressure monitoring system, automatic air conditioning system, outside temperature indicator, sunroof, 7-inch multimedia, equipped with BAS, ABS systems, EBD and anti-theft warning system.

On the other hand, the rear view camera, gearshift indicator, child safety guard and door light are other advantages that the falcon car has.

Meanwhile, Saipa Automotive Group has tried to produce this car, which has been designed and produced by local engineers, with high quality and to offer it to customers.

Also in this ceremony, the customer application of Saipa Automotive Group was unveiled.

This application has been launched with the aim of facilitating and accelerating the access of Saipa customers to various services and has several benefits, some of which include registering customer requests and complaints with the possibility of follow-up, online appointments with the possibility of viewing agencies close to the customer and routing Map and request help online and the possibility of tracking the helper.

Ability to view the status of the customer’s purchase request and also the possibility of inquiring about the status of the car document, online access to directives and sales conditions, access to product specifications, insurance records and customer leasing records information are other features of Saipa Automotive Group customers’ mobile software.