Beginning of livestock grazing management in Golestan winter rangelands

ISNA / Golestan The head of the Golestan Desert Rangeland Department announced the start of a grazing management and livestock control project on 761 hectares of the province’s winter rangelands.

Taj Gholi Farhangdoost stated: The pastures of Golestan province receive farmers and nomads of North Khorasan every year from mid-December to the end of the year.

He pointed out: One of the management measures that is implemented every year in line with the implementation of the National Plan for Sustainable Rangeland Management is grazing management and livestock control with the aim of preventing premature grazing in winter rangelands.

The head of the Golestan Desert Rangeland Department said: “With the implementation of this project, which is called as one of the rangeland improvement operations, the plant will be given enough opportunity to regenerate and the rangelands will be preserved and we will see suitable vegetation in terms of quantity and floor.” .

Emphasizing that rangelands, in addition to their valuable role in ecology, are of great importance in the economy and livelihood of farmers, especially nomads, he said: Has come.

According to ISNA, quoting Golestan Natural Resources, Farhang Doust stated: In case of any violation of the rules and regulations related to livestock grazing in the pastures, the violators will be introduced to the judicial authorities and the grazing license of their users will be revoked.

Golestan has 862 thousand hectares of pastures.

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