Beheading of a 15-year-old girl in Sirjan + painful photo

Around one o’clock, garbage workers noticed a heavy plastic with an abnormal appearance while emptying a tank. When they opened the plastic head, they were confronted with a very horrible scene of Sirjani’s daughter being beheaded. This incident took place on Khazar Sirjan Street, at the end of Valiasr Boulevard, which did not reach the Reporter Boulevard.

According to the citizen, the beheaded head of a teenage girl of about 15 years old, who was completely detached, was inside a plastic bag. Garbage collectors immediately called the police. Sirjan police and intelligence police officers arrived at the scene. While the investigation was underway, about two hours later, the murder suspect surrendered to the police out of remorse. He also identified the place where the body was released. The body of the teenage girl was later discovered in an empty field in the same area.

Source: Farro