Behind the scenes, Qala-e-Novi’s strange and special interest in independent players!

In Sepahan, the likes of Omid Nourafkan, Sajjad Shahbazzadeh and Ali Ghorbani were students of Qala-e-Navi. After separating from Isfahan and attending Golgohar Sirjan, he also maintained his interest in former Esteghlal players, so that now players such as Milad Zakipour, Armin Sohrabian, Farshid Bagheri, Mohsen Karimi, Behnam Barzai, Godwin Mansha and … They are in Esteghlal and play in Golgohar Sirjan. In fact, it can be said that about 60% of Golgohar’s main squad consists of former Esteghlal players, the last of whom is Farshid Bagheri, the team’s defensive midfielder; A player who has not had a defensible performance at all in Esteghlal over the years.

It is worth mentioning that Sajjad Shahbazzadeh and Ali Ghorbani did not work very well in the season when Qala-e-Navi was the head coach of Sepahan, and this issue caused Sepahan fans to criticize Amir for using them.