Behnoosh Bakhtiari’s strange tattoo shocked everyone + Photo

Behnoosh Bakhtiari (Born on May 19, 1975 in Tehran) is an Iranian actor and secretary. Behnoosh Bakhtiari He has a bachelor’s degree in French from the Islamic Azad University, Tehran Branch.


Behnoosh Bakhtiari In the 34th Fajr Film Festival in 1394, she became the best actress in a supporting role.


The personal lives of many celebrities are under the magnifying glass of their fans and opponents, and therefore the margins are an integral part of the lives of these famous people.

Behnoosh Bakhtiari She is one of the celebrities of our country whose private life has been repeatedly marginalized, and the publication of numerous images and their introduction as the actress’ wife is one of the most prominent fringes of the last few years.

Behnoosh Bakhtiari married our writer and director Mohammad Reza Arian in July of 1986, but so far no picture of the actress’ wife has been published.

The non-publication of a photo of Behnoosh Bakhtiari’s wife became a reason for the curiosity of some searching people to create new margins for the actress from time to time by publishing a photo and introducing him as Behnoosh Bakhtiari’s wife.

Behnoosh Bakhtiari, who has been living together for more than 10 years now, has repeatedly stated under various pretexts that there is no photo of his wife on the Internet, and the only reason for this is that his wife is not interested in publishing the photo, but still the story of the publication The photos attributed to his wife are a continuous story.

Strange photo of Behnoosh Bakhtiari's coronation + photo