Behnoosh Tabatabai’s strange face before and after cosmetic surgery / Photo

Biography of Behnoosh Tabatabai:

Behnoosh Tabatabai

Field of activity: cinema, theater, television

Born: May 17, 1981


Profession: Actor

Behnoush Tabatabai’s wife: Mehdi Pakdel

Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science

And taking a course in acting classes at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

Year of birth: Rooster

Birth month pictures: Thor

Location: Yousefabad

Behnoosh Tabatabai Education: Computer Diploma

The first work of art: Koi Damoon series

Behnoosh Tabatabai Movies:

Lobby (2016)

Cyanide (2015)

Chance, Love, Accident (2014)

My Father’s Love Story (2012)

Steps of Mania (2012)

Freeway (2010)

Banana peel (2008)

Crow feathers (2007)

Majnoon Lily (2007)

Brick Boys (2006)

Miss Sufferings (2006)

Behnoosh Tabatabai serials:

Michael (2015)

Forgotten (2011)

Mukhtarnameh (2010)

In the direction of Zayandehrud (2010)

Chardivari (2009)

Flying Cocoons (2004-2005)

Lost Love (2004)

Traveler from India (2002)

Damon Cave (1999)


Warm flowers of satiety

Behnoosh Tabatabai videos:

At a distance of one breath (2010-2011)

Behnoosh Tabatabai’s telefilms:

Report an execution

Dear who disappeared

The hands look

قصّه سیمین


Behnoosh Tabatabai Theaters:

Clouds behind the larynx


The story of a staircase


Kite hunting season

Chewing gum

Moral characteristics of Behnoosh Tabatabai:

Characteristic: Patient

Feature: Calm

Feature: Silent

Fun: Watching movies

Leisure: Study

Hatred: A lie

Love: Travel

Actor: Attila Pesyani

Singer: Alireza Assar

blue color

Poet: Hafiz

Reputation: Good


Love: Respect

Interest: Music