Biden does not have much time to return to Barjam

Fars / An American newspaper quoted political experts and analysts as saying that although returning to Burjam is one of the most difficult challenges for the US President-elect, he does not have much time to do so after taking power.

Online triangle analytical news site:

The Los Angeles Times today wrote a note by Tracy Wilkinson examining US President-elect Joe Biden’s desire to return to the Iran nuclear deal, saying it would be one of the toughest foreign policy challenges facing the new Washington administration. Was.
“The president-elect’s team must overcome the difficult path of new Trump-era sanctions,” the memo said. [هسته‌ای] “To advance in a way that gains domestic and international support and convinces Iran that cooperation is in its own interest.”
“The moderate Iranian president, who is the best supporter of the agreement, will leave in June,” the newspaper said, noting that the Biden administration has little time to return to the UN Security Council after taking office.
“We have the most experienced team to deal with Iran in the Biden administration, which is unprecedented since 1979,” Susan Maloney, a former West Asia expert at the State Department and current director of the foreign policy program at the Brookings Institution, told the Los Angeles Times.
Maloni, however, said that the obstacles to the Biden government’s interaction with Iran are as strong as ever, adding: “An approach must be taken in this regard that more than [بازگشت به برجام] Do not delay. “We really have no choice.”
“European countries that have negotiated a major nuclear deal with the United States and Iran are eager to work with the Biden administration and are confident that it will be a reliable partner in this area,” the paper quoted European officials as saying in an interview. “To neutralize Trump’s four-year hostility.”
“We already know many of them (members of the Biden government) and we do not need to seek to know them,” a European official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Times.
The author of the memo went on to say that Biden and his team of advisers were looking for ways to strengthen parts of the nuclear deal to gain the approval of its opponents in Congress. [هسته‌ای] “It will expire in 2030 and become known as the Sunset Dam, as well as expanding the access of International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors.”
The Los Angeles Times then referred to Iran’s repeated opposition to the negotiating countries’ request to include issues such as the ballistic missile program and regional activities in the nuclear deal, adding: “It was a more pressing goal to curb Iran’s nuclear proliferation.”

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his team are trying to put more obstacles in the way of relations with Iran so that the Biden administration can not simply Barjam returns.
Goldenberg, however, argued that the fearless political nature of the Trump administration’s actions might make it easier for the Biden administration to justify easing sanctions on Iran.
Former and current officials of the US, British and Israeli intelligence agencies have been skeptical that the new US administration will reach a new nuclear deal with Iran in 2021.
Earlier, in an interview with the New York Times, Biden described his position for the first few months of his possible administration, saying he was still in a position to return to the UN Security Council as a “starting point for future talks” and that Iran would abide by the restrictions. Is standing.