Biden is negotiating with Iran with full hands

The Americans have taken provocative actions in the region in recent days. Do you think that Trump has a plan in the remaining days, or are these movements in the direction of psychological warfare?

Military attack on Iran will not benefit the United States; At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the decision-maker is not only Trump, and the interests of the United States are much more important. In the meantime, preserving the reputation of the Republicans is also important, given that the Senate election is important and winning two seats will be very important for this party. The other dimension of the military offensive is the bad legacy that Trump leaves behind, which reduces the likelihood of conflict to zero. Unless action is taken by Iran and its affiliated forces in the region. Recent moves in the region can be seen as a maneuver of US and Israeli power in the region to draw a line for Iran and an encouragement to the sheikhdom countries. These measures will raise Biden’s expectations for negotiations with Iran and he will come to the negotiating table with a fuller hand to eventually receive maximum concessions from Iran. At the same time, Iran must reconsider its policy and reduce its regional presence, because the situation is not the same as in the past, and this must force Tehran to change its strategy. Issues such as the return of the United States to the UN Security Council and the subsequent implementation of the commitments by Tehran are just idealistic rhetoric that we will not see such a trend. Certainly, the second phase of the nuclear deal will be much heavier and the expectations of the other side will increase. The United States is currently considering requests from countries in the region. Countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have all demanded that negotiations with Iran, as in previous years, not be just on the nuclear issue and cover a range of other issues.

What is the main purpose of these measures and how should Iran react?

The aim of these pressures is to put Iran in a political, military and security impasse in order to eventually cut off Iran’s hand from the region. In the midst of these developments, we are also witnessing targeted news coverage in the media; For example, a senior member of the Islamic Resistance Movement stated that he had asked for help from Iran, that such issues were very debatable and considered important, and that one should ask what we have gained from these heavy costs. On the other hand, I must say that saying such things at this time is not unreasonable and shows that the region is moving in a situation that is to our detriment. It is enough to see the situation in Turkey and its efforts to get closer to Consider also the Arab countries of the region, which at the same time seeks good relations with Israel and somehow wants to replace itself as the leader of the Muslim countries in the region. In such an atmosphere, Iran must show patience and not take provocative action. We have to get out of the shells that we have been dragging around for 42 years because it has not been effective and has caused deep faults between the people and the government and Iran with the world, which unfortunately these faults are getting deeper every day. The only solution is to enter into political wisdom to compensate for this situation. Today’s situation is not good at all, because every day more and more we are losing our position inside and in the region due to the tightness of the security circles.

In recent days, the Americans have been trying to blame Iran and build a consensus against Tehran through a psychological war against Iran, given the attack on their embassy. Is Washington seeking to put pressure on Iran with these allegations?

Of course, such a policy is more common among Democrats. The more Republicans look inward, the more Democrats look outward. One of the strategies that Biden is pursuing is to get closer and cooperate with the European Union. Of course, cooperation with China and Russia to form an international consensus against Iran should not be forgotten, so that Washington can adopt new resolutions against Iran in the UN Security Council. It is no longer empty-handed. In recent days, we have witnessed the arrival of exceptional B-52 bombers in the region. On the other hand, the USS Georgia submarine crosses the Strait of Hormuz and enters the Persian Gulf after a long journey equipped with guided missiles, accompanied by several American warships. However, this show of power was not in vain, as the result of these actions increases indirect pressure on Iran and allows the Americans to enter into negotiations with Iran from a position of power. For Iran, given the dire economic situation and the epidemic of Covid disease, there is no other way but to negotiate. I believe that there will be developments in the region and that the two countries of Iraq and Syria will return to the Arab world in the near future.

In recent days, we have seen extremist US senators looking for a way to get Biden in Barjam What is your opinion on this agreement being referred to the Senate as a treaty? Will this action work and close the way for the new president?

If the proposal goes to Congress and is passed, it will become law, but that does not mean that all avenues will be closed to Biden. Sending US bombers and submarines could be seen as a show of military might, and Ted Cruz’s proposal as a political show. Both actions increase pressure on Iran. When the United States sees that the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran is approving a strategic measure to lift sanctions, they will react similarly to us. In this regard, I believe that the recent action of the parliament was unprofessional and unnecessary. With all that I have said, it must also be borne in mind that it is also in the best interest of the United States to resolve its issues with Iran peacefully. Remaining tensions and not resolving disputes between Tehran and Washington can not be reassuring for the United States in the region.