Biden should show goodwill by facilitating the purchase of the Corona vaccine for Iran

An American newspaper explained in an analysis why the path of the US President to adopt a multilateral policy in order to engage with Iran will be difficult and suggested that his administration should first address issues such as fighting the spread of Coronavirus to Iran under sanctions. The current US administration is in good spirits.

According to the Los Angeles Times, US President-elect Joe Biden has promised in a campaign that a nuclear deal[برجام] Revive Obama with Tehran in 2015; The path forward for Biden seems simple: lift sanctions on Trump and reaffirm the 2015 deal. But as a diplomat with a background last week told me (the author of the note), the negotiations between the United States and Iran have never been smooth and easy.

Last week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said his administration wants to return to Obama-era nuclear restrictions if US sanctions are lifted. “If the new Biden government” returns to the status quo of 2017, we will do the same, “he said.

But this is where the problems arise. Negotiating a step-by-step agreement on which first nuclear restrictions will be re-imposed, which sanctions and when will be lifted, and how Iran’s adherence will be verified is something that requires delicate diplomacy. Will have. Biden may also have difficulty building a consensus on a new deal.

These are the reasons why opponents of lifting nuclear sanctions (Iran) are wrong: First, despite allegations of using Trump’s sanctions as leverage, they have not worked. Of course, they weakened Iran’s economy, but the goal was to force Iran to change its behavior, but this did not happen. Second, lifting Trump’s sanctions on Iran’s nuclear activities will not deprive the United States of its leverage. Trump and former presidents have imposed sanctions on Iran over non-nuclear issues, including the ballistic missile program, support for terrorist groups and human rights abuses, and Biden has made no proposal to lift those sanctions. Third, efforts to maintain some nuclear sanctions are likely to lead to a failure to reach an agreement. The leaders of both countries have offered to return to the 2015 agreement, and if the United States rejects Biden’s offer, the Iranians will probably back down.

Here is a suggestion to increase his chances of success against Iran: Start by announcing that his government will ensure that Iran can buy Covid-19 vaccines in international markets without risking violating US sanctions. United face.

The Trump administration has said its sanctions do not include drug and humanitarian shipments and items, but has imposed many bureaucratic regulations on banks, suppliers of goods and services, and transit companies seeking permission from the United States to transport pharmaceutical and humanitarian items. Biden can facilitate this process and show interest in building better relations (with Iran).

Biden does not need the kind of diplomatic entanglement that complicates his first year in office, but it is a problem that Trump has left for him and a test of his commitment to leading a return to foreign policy toward the multilateralist path that Obama founded. , will be.
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