Biden’s election of an Indian signals change in Latin America / Maduro makes re-election conditional on safe margin / Challenge with Cuba not serious

Biden's election of an Indian signals change in Latin America / Maduro makes re-election conditional on safe margin / Challenge with Cuba not serious

“Latin America will be the most important country in Latin America for Democrats, and the restoration of relations will depend on the results that Caracas wants,” said the Latin American analyst.

“In recent days, there has been a lot of analysis and speculation about Biden’s confrontation model and policies towards Latin America, and especially Venezuela,” Latin American analyst Hadi Alami Freeman told ILNA. Cyberspace has been published. Some media outlets, citing data from sources close to Joe Biden’s foreign policy team, have implicitly stated that Democrats will adopt more lenient policies toward Latin America once in the White House, while others believe that these policies are merely It will intensify on human rights issues. Apart from these issues, I must point out that all this data is based solely on speculation, and no model can be considered until Biden and his team enter the White House; But quoting Biden and his team, a fairly complete analysis can be provided.

He continued: “In the case of Mexico, there is talk of stopping the construction of the border wall with the United States. Note that in previous US administrations, such as the Barack Obama administration and Bush Jr., there was a model of mixed surveillance of its border with Mexico, partly related to police and surveillance measures and partly to monitoring border threats. Was dedicated. Accordingly, the construction of the Mexican wall will most likely be stopped, but the regulatory issues will be different. In the case of Venezuela, it seemed that there would be various revisions, but it remains to be seen whether Maduro and the Venezuelan Socialists will enter into negotiations with Biden. Note that many believe that the Democrats and Maduro will agree or at least enter into negotiations on re-election in Venezuela, but the point to be made here is that Maduro seeks to create a safe margin for himself.

“The Venezuelan president and the socialists who are at the helm of power are trying to make sure that there is no threat to them if there is a rotation of power in their country,” he said. For this reason, they are looking for a safe environment in case the elections are held again. Accordingly, renegotiation between the United States and Venezuela is not yet clear; Because a lot of right and wrong news have been published in cyberspace that can not be considered definitive. As for Cuba, I do not think the tensions are as widespread as they seem. Note that under Obama, relations between Havana and Washington became normal after 54 years, and now the United States and Cuba have gone through a period of hostile confrontation under the Castros. Therefore, it can be said with more confidence that Biden will reconsider Cuba.

Alami Freeman added: “In the case of Brazil, it should be noted that the country’s relationship with the United States is basically a traditional and technical relationship. The country has generally been technically and economically aligned with the United States, and this is happening at a time when Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has lost his supporter, Donald Trump. Accordingly, Brazil’s relations with the United States are likely to change somewhat. Note that the most important Latin American country for the United States, and especially for White House Democrats, will be Venezuela. If there is to be a revision of this country, we have to look at issues such as oil exports and the economy at the top. Meanwhile, Iran-Venezuela relations in the oil field are one of the topics that are still of interest to the Americans, and if the United States is to enter into negotiations with Iran, Venezuela will no doubt not be affected by this trend.

He concluded: “The signals sent by Venezuela to the United States show that Maduro is willing to negotiate, but you should note that whenever the relationship between Iran and the United States is relatively calm or something like Borjam happens, the relationship is somewhat Tehran and Caracas have weakened. The reason for this is the fluidity of foreign policy throughout the world. We remember that when Colombia entered into negotiations with the FARC separatists, the level of drug threats between the United States and Colombia decreased, and so did Venezuela. But when Venezuela and the United States got into a serious challenge with each other, the level of the drug threat increased. Accordingly, all the issues and strategies we have observed in the field of Latin American relations and Washington are intertwined in a chain, but in any case, I believe that Biden will pursue a more lenient policy towards this geography than Trump. He has almost appointed an Indian as Secretary of State, which could indicate a possible improvement in Washington’s relations with Latin America.