Biden’s first resignation came

According to US media reports, White House Deputy Chief of Staff TJ Daklo resigned Sunday morning after threatening a reporter.

The White House press office issued a statement announcing the news: “We accepted Daklo’s resignation after a conversation with him. … We strive every day to meet the standards set by the President in treating others with respect and dignity. ».

Daklo recently threatened to destroy Tara Palmeri, author of Paltico. In an article, Palmeri revealed Daklo’s relationship with Alexius McCamund, a reporter for Axius.

He was suspended from work for a week after Palmeri was threatened and had to apologize to him.

“I used a tone that no woman should hear from anyone, especially at a time when,” Daklo said in a statement on Sunday morning, expressing regret and embarrassment over her recent behavior, according to US media. “He was trying to do his job.”

“I am deeply saddened by the embarrassment and frustration of President Biden and my colleagues in the White House,” he said, calling his behavior unacceptable.

Biden’s first resignation comes just three weeks after Democrats repeatedly ridiculed Donald Trump’s previous administration over the unprecedented volume of resignations of senior and non-senior officials. They took it and criticized it.