Billion-dollar family robbery in Tehran / The mother of the family controlled the houses

According to Borna; Home burglary In 1999, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus and the presence of more people in homes, other cases such as car theft and its accessories were placed at the top of the list of criminal acts. A criminal act that inflicts much heavier damages on families.

Detective Colonel Qassem Dastkhal, the head of the third base of the Greater Tehran Intelligence Police, told the Borna correspondent in this regard: Two robbery gangs were arrested in recent days in the northern areas of Tehran. They stole what was inside the houses.

He added: the second gang was robbing as a family. The wife of the family enters the house in the form of a cleaner and takes the house statistics and informs the other members of the family to steal the house.

The police official pointed out: In their latest robbery, the gang stole 11 billion tomans in the form of dollars and gold from a house, and these people were arrested after a police investigation.

The head of the third base of the Greater Tehran Intelligence Police stated: “Many burglaries today take place in the field of gold and currency, and it is necessary for citizens to refrain from keeping these items at home.” The tools used by these gangs in the theft also fit in their pockets and they could easily unlock the houses.

Regarding the robbery of the gang, Col. Dastkhal said: “The mother of this family, while cleaning the houses, observed the storage of valuables and informed other members of her family.” This lady has worked in the field of house cleaning by publishing advertisements and personally.

In the end, the police official said: “Citizens must hire a cleaner from reputable companies so that if any violation is committed, it will be easier to follow up and the companies will be held accountable in this regard.”

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