Biography of Mohammad Reza Hedayati; From singing to restaurant

Mohammad Reza Hedayati is a popular Iranian actor and singer. In this section of Setareh Parsi website, you will learn more about this artist.

Biography of Mohammad Reza Hedayati;  From singing to restaurant

Mohammad Reza Hedayati He was born on May 15, 1973. Mohammad Reza Hedayati was born in Chabahar. Mohammad Reza Hedayati is an Iranian film, television, theater, voice actor and singer. Mohammad Reza Hedayati is known for his comedy roles in TV series directed by Mehran Modiri. But Mohammad Reza Hedayati was very active in the theater before he became famous.

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personal life


Mohammad Reza Hedayati, a 47-year-old actor from our country, is an artist from the southern region of the country. His father is a retired police officer and his mother is a housewife.


Mohammad Reza Hedayati married his wife Lida Ansari in 1995 when he was 22 years old.

Mohammad Reza Hedayati

Mohammad Reza Hedayati and his wife


Mr. Hedayati is the fruit of his life together with a boy named Hamoon, born in 2003


When I was in Zahedan, we had a large archive of music at home, and I had a world in the space of this archive.

After that, I entered the theater and then, at the request of my friends, I took on the music of the theater and composed a song according to it and gave it to them.

From album to concert

This famous actor finally released the album Bargh va Bad in 2008 and the album Mahkhandeh in 2012 and has the experience of holding several concerts.

second job

Mr. Hedayati, like his other colleagues, entered the restaurant with a few soloists and owned the Lando restaurant on Pasdaran Street in Tehran.

Lando is a completely Sistani restaurant and since it was born in Chabahar, the food served there is also traditional.

Even the name of his restaurant called Lando is a type of food from Sistan and Baluchestan

Ratio with guiding forearm

Mohammad Reza Hedayati is from Sistan and Baluchestan and Saed Hedayati is from Rasht. Thus, these two artists have no relation with each other.

Favorite music

I myself listen to most of the European classical music and the old music of our country. I also like local music

Nobody watches TV

People no longer watch TV and this is a bitter truth, in what language should they say that you have nothing for us, Mr. TV ?!

Of course, it is our job to update our ideas and subjects based on changing tastes all over the world, which is why he says television should think about fundamental change.

Artistic activity

Start of activity

He started acting in high school from the school theater until 1991, when he was 18 years old, he participated in acting classes at the Zahedan Center for the Performing Arts.

He worked with the theater group in Zahedan for a few years, then attended several festivals in Tehran, until in 1995 he emigrated to Tehran to continue his education.

Mohammad Reza Hedayati and Sahar Valdebeigi

Mohammad Reza Hedayati and Sahar Valdebeigi and Hamid Reza Azarang in Armando

Professional start

In Tehran, he worked in the theater in Morgh Amin Publishing House until 1996, when he played as a guest actor in another series directed by Behrouz Baghaei.

Relationship with Mehran Modiri

Mohammad Reza met Mehran Modiri in 1997 through Ms. Sara Salar, the wife of Soroush Sehat, who was a family friend in Zahedan.

This acquaintance in the same year led to the first collaboration of the two in the series Vakil Mahal.

the fame

After appearing in the series No. 14, Neystan and Bakhshid, directed by Mehran Modiri, reached the peak of his fame in 2002 with the role of Tughral in Powerchin.

In the series Nights of Barreh in 2005, he played the role of Tughral’s helper, and in Bitter Coffee in 2010, he played the role of Jahangir Shah Derakhshan


In 2009, Mr. Hedayati became the voice actor of the cousin doll in the Red Hat series, which was widely seen and was present in 6 other seasons.

Mohammad Reza Hedayati warns the TV

Directing and writing

Until recently, I did not know about directing, but now it tempts me a little and I do not dislike it, but I am not looking for it. If a producer offers it, I will accept it.

As for writing, I still believe that it is hard work and writers are strange people to me, so I did not go to him.

Challenge each role

We do not give priority to the roles I play and I do not expect a specific role because any role can be a challenge for me.

MohammadReza Hedayati

Photo of Mohammad Reza Hedayati in 2003

Experience working with a manager

The works of Mehran Modiri show his genius and the peace we have at his work is nowhere else

No one shouts in his work and he says his points so calmly that maybe the person will not be by our side, he treats everyone from the actors to the logistics with respect and humanity.

Everything is in its place as a manager, and this makes us see his glorious work

Studio albums

Leaf and Wind (2008) (as a singer)

Laughing Moon (2012) (as a singer and composer) (Official)


The world is small




You are cold (with Imran Taheri)


you be

Let’s go under the rain

Goddess Nazem (with Pejman Jamshidi)

Bedtime (with Rashid Rafiei)

My heart is restless

I wish I was not winter

The days of nostalgia

The last star

You are full of me


MohammadReza Hedayati

TV series

1395-96 Under the feet of Behrang Tofighi’s mother

1394 on the outskirts of Mehran, the manager of 3 Solat Network

Red Hat 94 Iraj Tahmasb Channel 2 Voice of Cousin

2014 Red Hat 93 Iraj Tahmasb Channel 2 Voice of a cousin

1392 Red Hat 92 Iraj Tahmasb Channel 2 The voice of a cousin

1391 Red Hat 91 Iraj Tahmasb Channel 2 Voice of cousin

1390 Red Hat 90 Iraj Tahmasb Channel 2 Voice of a cousin

1388 Red Hat 88 Iraj Tahmasb Channel 2 The voice of a cousin

Please do not turn away Mehdi Mazloumi Channel 5

Man with two thousand faces Mehran Modiri Nowruz 1388 / Channel 3

Ganj Mozaffar Mehran Modiri October 2013 / Uncle Mansour Home Theater Network

2006 Mozaffar Garden Mehran Modiri Channel 3 Uncle Mansour

2005 Nights of Barreh Mehran Modiri Channel 3 Yavar Toghrol

1383–88 In the eyes of the wind Masoud Jafari Jozani Network 1

1382–83 Mehran Modiri 3 point network

2002 Powerchin Mehran Modiri Network 5 Tughral

2000 Nowruz Stories (2000) Mehran Modiri Channel 3 Hooman

1998 Trial of Hassan Hedayat, 3 Hooman Network

1997 Nowruz Stories Mehran Modiri Channel 3 Hooman

1376 Excuse me? Mehran is the manager of 3 Hooman Network

1997 Mehran Ghori Ashti Mehran Modiri Channel 3 Hooman

1997 Neistan Mehran is the manager of 3 Hooman Network

1997 No. 14 Mehran Modiri Network 3 Hooman

1997 Local lawyer Mehran Modiri of 3 Hooman Network


Ace and Pass (1394)

Iran Burger (1393)

The sky is always rainy here (2013)

the clown

Red Riding Hood and Grandma Baby (1390)

Orange Taxi (1387)

Kish and Mat (1387)

Unfaithful (1385)

Wedding Dinner (1384)

Goddess of Ziggurat (1382)

Karnameh Day (1381)

A man made of crystal (1377)

Good-natured groom


The trick

My dear Lulu



Furry gorilla

I love the sea

Time to kill

Thief and Moonlight

Abel again

Good night Colonel

Home Network

Good-natured groom


bitter coffee

Mozaffar’s treasure

I was joking !!!

Pearl Alley

Laughter bomb….

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