Bitcoin record again | Online Economy

According to Reuters, Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) has experienced a trend of price increase and crossing over $ 20,000 over the past few days, and while the bitcoin price had crossed the $ 23,000 mark just a few days ago, in last night’s trading We are witnessing its price exceeding 24 thousand dollars.

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Fars, in last night’s transactions, the price of Bitcoin even reached the limit of $ 24,300, but after a few hours, it reached about $ 23,407.6.

The reason for the rise in the price of Bitcoin over the past few days seems to be the shift of larger investors and more money to the virtual currency market; Because there is a prospect that the price of this currency will increase. Overall, the price of Bitcoin has risen by about 3% in overnight trading.

Over the past few hours, however, the price of virtual currencies has plummeted, with Atrium dropping about 5 percent to $ 624.3 per token. The Ripple price dropped 7% to 54 cents.

Another virtual currency that has fallen in price over the past few hours is Light Coin, which is the fifth largest virtual currency in the world and has experienced a 6.7% drop in price.