Bitcoin record-breaking over $ 24,000

According to reports EconomyOnline According to ISNA, Bitcoin Finally, not only did it consolidate its position in the $ 23,000 channel, but it also entered the $ 24,000 channel for the first time thanks to new demand.

The most popular weekly returns Digital currency The world has reached a positive 30.46%. Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin rose 6.58 percent to $ 24,073.05. The highest recorded value of Bitcoin was on December 19, 2020, when the currency reached a price of $ 24,073. The previous record of this currency was related to December 18, 2020, when this currency reached the price of 23 thousand and 400 dollars.

Bitcoin has had a dream this year and its value has increased about 1.74 times compared to the beginning of the year. Digital currency traders claim that the situation is different from 2017, and that this currency could experience new channel breaks. The market value of Bitcoin is currently over $ 400 billion.

“In recent months, we have seen more investor attention to the high potential of digital currencies, and now bitcoin and other digital currencies have a significant share of investors’ portfolios,” said Charles Heather, director of the Cryptocurrency Institute. This means that we will have a brighter future for this market.

Some traders believe that Bitcoin has the potential to break the $ 100,000 ceiling in the long run.

Of course, the rise in prices in the digital currency market was not limited to bitcoin, and the price of many other digital currencies was increasing; Atrium rose 4.13 percent to $ 666.16, BitcoinCash rose 4.92 percent to $ 320.83, Light Coin jumped 13.36 percent to $ 118.49, and Monroe rose 2.77. Percentage rose to $ 158.05, Dash rose 5.54% to $ 110.59, Zdkash rose 4.32% to $ 75.53 and Maker rose 4.17% to $ 570.36.