Blackout of about 5,000 lamps in the main thoroughfares of Mashhad

ISNA / Khorasan Razavi Public Relations Manager of Mashhad Electricity Distribution Company, pointing out that the implementation of the blackout plan among the lamps in the main thoroughfares of Mashhad has started from the last two days, said: “By implementing this plan, we have saved 17 MWh of electricity consumption so far.”

Alireza Kashi, in an interview with ISNA, regarding the plan to turn off one of the lamps in the main streets and highways of Mashhad, said: Mashhad Electricity Distribution Company is responsible for providing street lighting and electricity to the people of Mashhad. Since Mashhad power plants use gas to generate electricity, in accordance with the directive issued to us by the Ministry of Energy and Tavanir Company, in order to save gas consumption of power plants and to supply gas to power plants in cold weather with In order not to face the problem of gas shortage, the consumption of street lighting in the whole country should be reduced.

The spokesman of Mashhad Electricity Distribution Company added: for this purpose, Electricity Distribution Company should provide solutions for consumption management. We have taken several steps in this regard. Management of street lighting consumption, consumption management in parks and squares with the coordination of the municipality, coordination to reduce electricity consumption in government organizations, various institutions and industrial centers are among these measures.

He continued: The consumption management groups of Mashhad Electricity Distribution Company have referred to the organizations to be mentioned in the field of electricity consumption management and saving. In squares and parks, in coordination with the municipality, it is planned to reduce electricity consumption. The whole purpose of this plan is to make the culture of consumption management happen and we ask people to help save money to get through this stage and the cold.

The Public Relations Manager of Mashhad Electricity Distribution Company, noting that there are 270,000 lamps in the city of Mashhad, noted: 25% of these lamps are in the main thoroughfares, including highways, main streets and boulevards. In this design, the lamps are turned off one by one. This project has already started in Malekabad, Vakilabad and Ahmadabad boulevards two days ago. In the coming days, it will be performed on boulevards, main streets and other major highways in Mashhad. In this plan, we have not entered the streets and side streets.

He added: the total consumption capacity of lighting the main thoroughfares in Mashhad is three percent of the total consumption of the city. In Mashhad, there is 1520 MW of electricity consumption in peak load and lighting consumption in the streets is 54 MW or about three percent. With the implementation of this plan for the past two days and every day for about 11 hours, 17 MW of energy savings have been done.

Kashi continued: the number of lamps predicted to be adjusted in this plan is one in about 5,000. Because this is a national issue, the relevant organizations have cooperated with us. On the other hand, we coordinate with higher organizations, including the governor’s office. We try our best not to cause any problems for the people and to implement the plan in the best possible way.

Regarding the duration of the project, he said: “This project will be implemented as long as the cold weather continues.” This plan may take 15 to 20 days, but it depends on the cold weather.

A spokesman for the Mashhad Electricity Distribution Company said about the time of blackout in this project: The blackout of the lamps will start at 6 pm from sunset. The main reason for choosing the main streets to turn off the lights is that there are shopping malls and shops on the main streets, which help to create lighting in some way.

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