Blue and White Party Threatened + Details

A BBC correspondent reported if the two main parties met Israel They can not reach an agreement on the approval of the budget, the time of holding election It will be early March 2021 in the Occupied Territories.

Disagreement between Likud party led by ” Benjamin Netanyahu The Prime Minister and the Blue and White Party, led by War Minister Benny Gantz, over the annual budget are the main reason for the dispute. Netanyahu And it was Gantz, and that is what led the parliament to dissolve this regime.

The Blue and White Party said in a statement that the party on Monday submitted a bill to postpone the budget approval deadline for this year from December 23rd to December 31st.

The party said the Knesset would be dissolved and elections would be held on March 23 if the budget was not approved by the deadline. This date is announced while according to the laws of the Zionist regime, the elections can not be held in less than three months after the dissolution of the Knesset.

Failure to approve the budget is the only way out of the rotation agreement [پست نخست‌وزیری] Will allow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to refuse to hand over the post of Prime Minister to Bani Gantz in November 2021. That is why the Likud party has been holding the approval of the regime’s annual budget for months in an attempt to renegotiate in order to reach a more favorable coalition agreement; An agreement that would extend Netanyahu’s one-and-a-half year term and increase Gantz’s term by the same amount.

Netanyahu’s party is also seeking to curb the influence of Justice Minister Avi Nisenkorn of the Blue and White Party. Because his stay in office means that in the next cabinet, the Gantz Cabinet, he will appoint the Attorney General and the Attorney General. . Nisenkorn also opposes Netanyahu’s efforts to change the justice system, appoint more conservative judges, and limit the power of the judiciary more broadly.

The Haaretz newspaper reported in an unnamed article on Sunday that Gantz said he was willing to reduce Nisencorn’s powers and powers in exchange for blocking the passage of the budget. Accordingly, there has been opposition among the Blue and White Party to the move, including from its second-in-command, Gabi Ashkenazi, and it is unclear whether the deal will be approved by the Blue and White Party. The Blue and White Party has denied the reports.

According to the Israel Times, one of Netanyahu’s main demands was the dismissal of Nisenkorn as justice minister, but after strong opposition from the Blue and White Party, the focus has shifted to reducing his responsibilities, which could lead to his resignation.